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  1. Mr. Smiley's heart tutorial...
  2. quick set Milli chip
  3. Mixinitup!!!drillz!!!
  4. Pulling points
  5. Hearts with twisted loops - photo tutorial the way I do it
  6. Boro Marble Demo Video + GTT in action
  7. Floral Implosion Bottle Stopper Video
  8. Dragon Eye Ring Tutorial
  9. Boro Tutorials for Boro Newbies!
  10. Heart Outline tutorial
  11. Off mandrel fun!
  12. Animals :)
  13. Honeycomb-ish style pendant tutorial
  14. Wavey Bead Tutorial
  15. My first tutorial. 9 Minute Frit Spinups
  16. Easy Boro Leaf Tutorial (softglass too!) off-mandrel
  17. Boro Color Combinations/Recipes
  18. VIDEO TUTORIAL/How to Get Consistent Color Effects w/Boro: Oxidizing & Reducing Flame
  19. FREE tubing implosion videos...
  20. Spider Implosions - minitutorial
  21. make more realistic eyes tutorial
  22. John Olson Makes An Inside-Out Bead. FREE Video Tut.
  23. Added another free video tut to my site... Using Serendipity...
  24. Boro and soft glass tutorials from Nomad Crafts Etc...
  25. wing tutorial
  26. Heads/faces
  27. Seahorse Tutorial
  28. Short Airtrap Marble Video
  29. Borosillicate Christmas Ornament
  30. Jelly Fish
  31. Floral Compression Pendants and Marbles
  32. Flower pendant tutorial
  33. Fairy with egg demo
  34. Octopus tutorial
  35. Lets talk about Tubing Issues
  36. Making A Fish Sculpture or Pendant Using a Texture Masher
  37. Spun glass Basket
  38. Spun basket with pictures
  39. Solid Swan
  40. Clear Boro for Starting out
  41. How to make internal ribbon cane without grooves?
  42. Free Boro Tutorials on Youtube - Shawn Tucker Glass - Oregon Made Functional Glass