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2008-09-07, 3:55pm
I have this turquoise glass that I can't get to stay reduced. I can see it turn a great copper metalic color but as soon as I take it out of the reduction flame, POOF, gone! Do ya know what the trick to this stuff is? Thanks!:pout:

2008-09-07, 4:15pm
What is the name of the color and brand of glass?

Jenn L'Rhe
2008-09-07, 4:17pm
Sounds like Lauscha Blutonium. Keep reducing it, in then out of the flame. You will get more copper, especially around the edge of the blue.


2008-09-07, 4:49pm
I'll have to go to my acct. @ Frantz to see what I have ordered,poop! I don't think it is the Blutonium, I sorta order glass like I would bet on a horse, that name just 'dunt sound like something I would go for. But I love the color, ya know? Man if it is a time and heat issue this will suck 'cause I'm on a HH and running out of P. So sad!

the rods are Effetre Turquoise Dark Pastel, now that I think about it, I bought it because it matched a shirt and I wanted to make some ear rings, now I just want it to stay reduced because the color I'm seeing is awesome!!

2008-09-09, 6:50am
Effetre Turquoise doesn't 'hold' a good reduction. It only looks like a tarnished pewter (yeah, I know pewter doesn't tarnish, but you know what I mean! LOL). One thing you can do to 'bump' a metallic finish is to burnish in silver leaf.

This bead is just turquoise, silvered with leaf then dotted with clear.

2008-09-09, 7:10am
Ok but,Gina posts some dark turquoise with the silver on the surface beads, I pm'd her and she said it is effetre turq. I try each time I torch to bring out the silver to the surface and nada. I will post a link to it when I find it < I would love to do it!

Ah Found it ! It was Gina of GMD lampwork
Here's the link to her ebay , the beads which I asked her about

she said she works the turq in a cool oxidating flame, as in copper green.

2008-09-09, 4:07pm
OOOOHHHHHH Those are beautiful! Thank you, I would love to get that reaction!! I think it is far in my future though!

Carolyn M
2008-09-09, 7:39pm
I couldn't get pictures with that link, but in the description she says she has used a silver glass on the surface. That would result in the silvery look to the turquoise.

2008-09-09, 9:25pm
The thing is what I am seeing, and it disappears as soon as it is out of the flame, is a very copper color. Maybe I should just get it out of my head and stick with the origanal plan, turquouise and call it a day.

2008-09-09, 9:52pm
The nyx on those beads is key to the effect; I'll bet the silver in the nyx is fuming the turquoise. You won't get that from the turquoise on its own. If you reduce just the turquoise, you might get red.

2008-09-10, 10:03am
Myrdle - are you talking about a reddish brick color? When I work on a HH I usually get this color by 'burning' lt sky blue. You can maybe get it by 'burning' the turquoise. Try putting it fairly close to the torch head and see if that does anything for you.

I tried for the same effect that Gina gets and nadda. I used Nyx and turquoise but didn't get anything even in the same ballpark as she did. They are stunning!

2008-09-10, 10:03am
These are dark turquoise.

This is probably more extreme that what you are looking for, but they don't go in the kiln looking like this. I can't get this effect at the torch, it all happens in the kiln. The longer they sit, the darker they get.

2008-09-10, 11:10am
I believe it's done in in a small cool oxidizing flame, NOT a reduction flame. But how to reduce the NYX and O2 the turquoise?

2008-09-10, 5:15pm
Nancy, I have some turquoise that I received with my starter kit that does the burning thang GREAT!! I"m not into that so much but I do do it well! Cadia, I don't think I can get a cool oxidizing flame cause I'm on a Hothead, I could be wrong and just not heard of a "trick" to do it?????

precious baubles
2008-09-10, 5:58pm
My apologies for budding in here - BUT- "cadia", please tell me what make and number that glass is !!!!!! I LOVE that colour . it is soooo deep!
Thank you
from Fisherville, ON CANADA
p.s. please do not p.m. me - I am having technical issues with Rogers and my dial up Email account....they are migrating our dial up email accounts from the AS400 server to a new platform and guess what? mine got screwed up!!! so they are in the process of "fixing" it ....(I am a tech by day...and a beader by night) ok enough with my email issues -

2008-09-11, 5:15am
Paulette < I think you meant to address Serena about those dark beads I like them too!
Myrtlebp< Not sure if you would get it on a HH , Only if you hold the bead way out in the flame where it is cooler and more O2 available , but I havent yet gotten it on my Mini cc, with extra 02 and a more adjustalble propanr flame , I keep trying though!

Carolyn M
2008-09-11, 6:02am
Paulette, I would guess it's Effetre Dark Turquoise. Don't know the number offhand but they sell it everywhere, it's one of the basic Effetre colours

2008-09-11, 6:44am
I am on a hot head and Effetre Light Turquoise keeps turning red. Am I heating it to fast, too hot, is there to much propane in my mix should I turn it down. I want he beautiful Turquoise not s spotted red mess. This also happens more with my petroleum green. Any tips

2008-09-11, 7:26am
Lauscha turquoise will turn terra cotta red when reduced. I have a photo on my website.

2008-09-11, 7:33am
So how do you avoid reducing something on a hh. Is reducing more O2 or less.

precious baubles
2008-09-11, 7:39am
Hi Carolyn
thanks for the info - I will be getting some of that real quick.

2008-09-11, 8:04am
I am on a hot head and Effetre Light Turquoise keeps turning red. Am I heating it to fast, too hot, is there to much propane in my mix should I turn it down. I want he beautiful Turquoise not s spotted red mess. This also happens more with my petroleum green. Any tips

So how do you avoid reducing something on a hh. Is reducing more O2 or less.

The hot heat tends to have a reducing flame because of the low oxygen, and that is what causes the turquoise, light sky blue and some of the greens to turn red. To keep the turquoise and greens try turning the propane down and working as far out in the flame as you can. The major reason I changed to an oxy/propane torch was that it was so hard to NOT reduce turquoise, blues and greens. On the other hand, I really like the brick red of reduced sky blue and do it intentionally now :)

2008-09-11, 9:42am
I only use my HH when I do demos so I'm not exactly used to it. I make a bead that is half turquoise and half lt sky blue then do a little swirl where the colors come together. I almost always burn the turquiose and make the sky blue turn reddish. I think they look like crap, but people love them and buy them before my 'nice' beads.

2008-09-11, 3:17pm
So how do you avoid reducing something on a hh. Is reducing more O2 or less.

turn down yr flame and work further out. i usually just ignore the red (copper coming to the surface of the glass) until i'm done shaping the bead then a few passes out in the far reaches of the flame will clear up most of the red. takes a bit of practice to find out just which is the right spot to consistently do this.

when working on the bead for a long time, then i find i need to keep the flame quite low and work further out in order to be able to remove the red colour at the end. if it's cooked too much, the copper can collect in little gritty specks which depending on yr bead can be either quite attractive in an organic way or extremely annoying... ;-)

2008-09-11, 5:34pm
And if you're using the Mapp/Pro on the HH, it burns even hotter than the Mapp did. The longer you work the glass, the more you're prone to get red.

2008-09-12, 6:22am
For cost reasons I am using propane. I plan to upgrade my torch when I get a little better at the basics but the kiln is first. I can make sellable beads on a HH but not without a kiln. I turned the flame way down and worked farther out in the flame and I did finally get some nice turquoise bead without any red. One of the beads however has the beautiful metallic sheen to it on the ends and I am hoping to try to recreate it. The color is still turquoise but shiny. I will post a pic after work. Since I did raised petals on this bead and turned the flame up just slightly and had to heat it longer because I''m not very good at cutting the petals yet. I always seem to melt the last cut in when I try to heat for the next one. Thank you all for your advice.