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2005-12-24, 11:34pm
We need to physically move the LE server sometime in the coming days. This will result in some downtime for this site. Although we expect to keep it to a minimum, the possibility exists for an extended outage. I'll try to keep a status update available at during the outage, but there may be periods of time where you won't be able to load up any page at that address.

If you are unable to access at any time in the next week, please know that we will be back on the air as soon as possible and have not disappeared for good! No need to panic! :-)

Thanks for your patience


Rhapsody Fire Beads
2005-12-29, 9:35am
Thanks Jason for all you do and your wonderful knowledge of computers!!!
You take such good care of us!!


2005-12-29, 10:21am
Thanks for the heads up, Jason. :) I'll try not to hyperventilate if I can't get on to LE. *grin*

2005-12-30, 6:07pm
Thanks Jason, I have prozac at the ready in case of extreme stress! LOL
THanks for this site!:waving: :koolaid:

2006-01-08, 9:43am

I am curious, did you move all the LE server already?If so, wow....that was seamless. Thank you for everything you do for us as system admin. You fascilitate an amazing exchange of ideas and creativity in the lampwork community and I just want you to know we really do appreciate it and we do not tell you enough.

2006-01-09, 5:08pm
Thanks for the kind words.

No, the move was postponed. We're now targeting the afternoon/evening (MST) of Wednesday the 11th. I don't want to make any promises, but if I had to take a wild guess, I'd expect the downtime to be roughly 1 - 1.5 hours with an explanation/status page up during most of the downtime.

2006-01-11, 11:49am
Just to keep everyone updated.. move has been postponed to tomorrow (Thurs) afternoon/evening.

Heidi von Frozenfyre
2006-01-11, 6:38pm
We'll be prepared! The pages have really been sloooooooow to load the past few days - even without photos. Yeah I have a crappy connection too - but even eBay load faster than this!

Can't wait for the switch-over! wooohoooo! all fresh and new :) Much like the bathroom at midnight.

2006-01-11, 7:18pm
OK and what in the hell am I supposed to do THEN? HUH??? I might have to do something than spend way too much of my day here. Hope this doesn't take long. I might have to take drugs to get me through.

Well, at least you are doing it on a sushi day so I won't be here for most of it. That's a good thing! LOL

2006-01-11, 7:18pm
Well, this time we're not actually changing servers -- the current server is just moving to another location (as in both moving to a new location in the physical world and to a new location on the internet). As far as the slowness, things don't look much different to me as far as server 'load' than it has in the last several weeks and I haven't noticed the same slowness. Perhaps there is internet contention somewhere between you and the server's current internet location. If that is the cause, then yeah, it may get faster for you after the move :)

Shawn T
2006-01-11, 8:19pm
Thank You Jason for all your hard work, I am sure the move will be much more painful for you than any of the rest of us.
Just want to let you know how much "I appreciate you!"


2006-01-11, 8:36pm
Everytime I see this thread I read it as Upcomming Outrage.

I keep waiting for a huge rant.

2006-01-12, 6:44am
Oh my goodness. No LE for almost 2 hours. What will I do? I will be lost! Um. Dang.. good thing I took today off to make beads. I might just have to torch. Here's hoping that I don't run out of oxy. LOL

Sympathizing with ya here Jason. I am a mainframe programmer and we are getting ready to upgrade that badboy in the next month. I am NOT looking forward to THAT.

2006-01-12, 5:27pm
Quick update -- the move has been cancelled for tonight. I'll let you guys know when the next attempt is planned.

2006-01-16, 9:09pm
WHEEEEE And we are back online. Welcome back.

It appears that we may have a flaky ethernet card in the server. We finally found a hub that seems to be able to talk to it ok for the moment. Hopefully it will get us by OK until we can replace the card.

2006-01-16, 9:14pm
Thank you Jason...You and Corri are awesome!
Do I need to go out and buy y'all a new network card? I'll have withdrawals if you go down again! LOL
WHEEEEE And we are back online. Welcome back.

It appears that we may have a flaky ethernet card in the server. We finally found a hub that seems to be able to talk to it ok for the moment. Hopefully it will get us by OK until we can replace the card.

2006-01-16, 9:25pm
No, I have extras. The problem is that the server is in another state :) Thanks for the offer tho.

Dwaine Scum
2006-01-17, 12:59am
Wow I was impressed jason, tha twas a fast, flawless switch over... great job!

2006-01-17, 7:54am
Wow, I didn't even notice. Great job!!!

Heidi von Frozenfyre
2006-01-17, 8:14am
YIPPEE! and chat wasn't quite as "jerky"


*grope, grope*

2006-01-20, 10:37am



2006-01-26, 7:30am
Wel Jason (and Corri) thank you again for EVERYTHING, GREAT JOB!!! You guys are the BEST!:kiss: