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2006-01-08, 10:35pm
I have decided to purchase a Bobcat as my first torch and have been reading up on oxygen concentrators. In my reading I found a post somewhere that states that a Bobat will run on regular household natural gas. I was under the impression that you had to get a 'booster' for your home because a house usually has 1/4 lb. and you needed a lot more than that to run a torch. I had my gas company come out and that is what I have, 1/4. Can the Bobcat be run on 1/4? If so natural gas would be cheaper in the long run even though I will have to get a permit to bring it to the room I am using. There are so many decisions on what to buy, and the oxycon prices are ALL over the place so I dont know what to do! Confused in AZ Rita

Dale M.
2006-01-09, 9:10am
Yes the Bobcat will run on residential natural gas. So will the minor and a few other "small" torches. It will also run on one concentrator, but will really perform with two.... Its a good setup for soft glass and the occasional venture into small to medium work with boro...

As for oxycons.... Be sure it is capable of an output of 5lpm of oxygen and that seller will guarantee it. Decent oxycon (used) should be between $200 and $300. Also check to see how many hours on unit, lower hours, better chance it will be good unit...If its more then that it probably over priced...