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2008-12-16, 10:24am
Does anyone currently, or in the past, torch outside with a dual fuel torch AND need to keep it mobile?

Currently I use a hothead outside and store everything, including my kiln on a rolling cart that goes outside with me and comes in when the kiln is done. I said that I would not get dual fuel until I could be inside permanantly. I can't do that, but I am intrigued byt he cricket. I still have to be outside and still need to be able to put everything away after a torching session.

DH suggested a second cart for the oxy and propane setup that can be stored in an attached shed and wheeled out for working.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


2008-12-16, 2:49pm
Aquila Glass School does demos using a bobcat. They have a metal table that breaks down & has plexi sides to help with the wind & keeping people safe. The oxy tank has a little cart & is strapped to it. Propane is just a bbq tank. Its kind of alot of effert to take down & set up - I wouldn't want to do that every time I wanted to torch.

I also have a japanese torch on my apartment balcony. It uses propane & air - no oxy needed. I have problems torching after dark because bugs are attracted to the flame, and my glass gets dusty from sitting out.

Dale M.
2008-12-16, 3:37pm
Just clarification...... There is no such thing as a "dual fuel" torch.....

There is a fuel/air torch like a Hot Head

And There is a fuel/oxygen torch like a minor, bobcat, national and so many more...

What you are wanting is a "fuel/oxygen" torch....

And there is no reason you can not put everything on a cart....Except the Propane tank MUST be kept outside when stored or in use....


Bob Torbett
2008-12-16, 7:45pm
Hi Vicki. I have a setup we use at shows where possible. It consists of an adjustable height 4ft table, a sheet metal cover and 3 framed panels of plexiglass with hinges for assembly. I have constructed magnetic bases for both my Piranah and Minnow. This holds either torch to either my studio work bench or my demo station. It really brings a lot of intrest at shows. This really gives me an oportunity to explain the art of lampworking to interested customers. I usually try to do a demonstration every 30 minutes and also whenever anyone asks the question "How do you do that?". I will mix beads with off mandrel work to keep up the interest.
I hope this helps without getting too windy.


2008-12-18, 4:12pm
for the help. Still debating with myself!

2008-12-18, 10:37pm
I was in the same boat. I had to torch outside. I used the fuel/oxy outside and had it on a cart. We finally invested in a small trailer (kind of like those little airstreams) that cost us $300.00 and I was able to start inside. I have proper ventilation and we just hook up an extension cord to the trailer.

What I am getting at, is that you can set up a studio really cheap.

Good luck and keep torching...