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2009-05-18, 9:30pm
I need some help figuring out what some of these rods are:

#1 is Topaz Light, just for comparison
#2 is 049 Straw Yellow
#3 is labeled as Brown Light handmade transparent. Is this the same thing as Straw Yellow?
#4 looks identical to #3, but was cheaper per oz. at my local glass shop than #3 by quite a bit. Any idea what these are?
#5 I have no idea what this is. It's a really pretty reddish-pink with very pale concentric circles in the center. Any idea?
#6 is an old batch of Rubino Oro I bought from my local shop a long time ago
#7 is also Rubino Oro which I bought today from my local shop. Is this really the same thing as #6, or was something mislabeled?

ETA - this shop orders their glass from Frantz, so they're all going to be something from their website.

Thanks a ton!

2009-05-19, 12:54am
Light brown is 018, not the same as straw yellow 049. But they are similar, and you'll get the same reactions with iris gold for example.

Rubino looks different almost every batch. Could number 5 be more rubino? Have you tried heating the end to see if it changes?

I'd try heating number 4 too, it might be a striking red, yellow or orange.

That's my guess anyway, hope it helps!

2009-05-19, 12:57am
Veiled clear rubino? (

2009-05-19, 1:33am
Sometimes it's a good idea to try and strike the ends of some of the glass to see if that makes a dfiference.

2009-05-19, 4:46am
#5 looks like Arancio Perfecto to me.

2009-05-19, 10:24am
#5 could be F-213 Clear Rubino Clear Filigrana


ETA: Frantz calls this color "Veiled Clear Rubino"

2009-05-19, 10:38am
I agree that you need to try striking the ends to really figure out what they may be. I have Rubino rods that are all clear to pink to magenta . . .

Elizabeth Beads
2009-05-19, 1:39pm
No. 5 looks like Striking Red to me (color numer 076). Some striking red is red, some is golden/yellow and some is wispy pink with the red core. I suppose No. 4 also could be Striking Red.

Agree with the others about Rubino varying batch to batch.

(I love playing the "identify this glass" game!)


2009-05-19, 7:30pm
and then if you add the vetrofond rubino you get even MORE shades of "pink/red/clear" :lol:
I've got unstruck rubino that's nearly complete clear...I have to be *really* careful I don't mix it up (like, 3 rods?) with my clear--'cause that would be a tragic & EXPENSIVE mistake! :lol: and a couple rods that are really such a deep pink they're almost plum....from buying them one or two rods at a time over the last 4 or 5 years from different vendors...& being gifted the occasional rods & shorts from Nikki from different batches she's bought & from a few other gracious folks!...

2009-05-19, 8:11pm
Oops. I went back and read again. Nevermind. ;)

Elizabeth Beads
2009-05-19, 8:22pm
Had another thought tonight. No. 5 could be the Cool Color American Beauty. If it is, lucky you, I love that color. :)