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2009-09-22, 9:01am
I want to thank you so much Paula for the awesome sale you have running.
It all arrived very fast, very nice job packing it up too.
Ordered lots of Lausha clear and colored glass, the Lausha is really clear and clean. Plus some of the CIM colors that are on sale, they look yummy.
Can anyone tell me how to work the Chalcedony COE 104 chunks,
Hate to waste it.

2009-09-22, 3:10pm
Thanks Marie Ann! I will pm you on the chunks!

2009-09-22, 3:14pm
Hi Paula,
Can you PM me on the chunks as well? I pulled one into a stringer, but don't know if there is anything special I need to know--thanks!

2009-09-23, 8:55am
Hi Nina,
I have three chunks to play with on Friday! All of them look a little different with silver showing through.
I will take photo's today and post them in the Tips & Questions section, please check it out if you have time.

2009-09-23, 9:37am
Can't wait to see your pics, MarieAnn! I tried the stringer on black-didn't look great, but then I tried it on medium amber, and it looks really cool! I'll try to get a pic.