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2009-10-01, 4:22am
Does any one know what has been going on with Phoenix Art Supplies ,I placed a frit order on the 18th of sept. and can't reach anyone, about what has happened to the order. In the past they have been quick to ship and very reachable.It is a mystery why I have not gotten any response to several Emails.Thanks Connie

Carols Glass
2009-10-01, 11:16am

Her email box for her website and her PM box here are all full.

I will PM you her telephone number so you can get hold of her, hopefully :-).

Let me know,


funky gems
2009-10-30, 5:41pm
I too an trying to figure your where the glass I ordered 2 weeks ago is. I have attempted to send emails, contacted her through LE, and even called and left a message with no luck. I am OK with the glass taking a while longer to arrive (like I need more glass), I just need the communication to know that I am going to get the glass in the near future. Hope I am not out of 100 dollars.

Carols Glass
2009-11-01, 11:52am

This is the first time I have heard that someone called and still didn't get their order. I sure hope you get it soon.

Jessica, where are you, I hope you are ok, I am praying for you every day!