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Mr. Smiley
2009-10-21, 12:05pm
Ok, so life has finally settled down enough for me to play with the smaller cane a bit. When I ordered this cane, it was supposed to have enough of a layer of AP to strike out in all thicknesses... well, that didn't happen. We're still in the first stage of figuring out the process... Abe ensures me that he's going to get it thicker on this next batch. I should have tried the thinner stuff before sending it out, but didn't have time with all the medical issues we were dealing with. I'm sure the thinner stuff has some neat applications. i tried it for petals in an implosion and really really like the results... but maybe you don't do implosions...

In short, if you bought the first batch of Serendipity and don't have a use for the thinner rods, I'm going to swap it out for you. I have 50 pounds of thicker coating being made next week... just send it back and I'll replace it with new improved stuff that will strike out for you...

The thicker rods in the first batch are fine and will only get even better. I've made tons of hearts with the thicker stuff and they are pink as can be... the recall only applies to the 5-6mmm rods that won't strike...

I also have some good news. I am working on getting them to pull other color combinations! We will hopefully have 2 additional combinations before long. This is truly an amazing time saver for those of us encasing gathers for our off mandrel creations... I suppose you mandrel folks are welcome to enjoy the benefits of this new cane, but you still have to clean bead poop and I don't have a way around that for you! :P :lol:

Want more good news? The price is going down! I will do every thing I can to get this as affordable as possible. Northstar offered me an exclusive on this cane until the first of next years some time... i've waved that in hopes that the wider distribution will increase production, increase quality and lower the cost for everybody! Plus I absolutely love our suppliers... they are my friends and I wouldn't feel right leaving them out. I'm a glass blower and would much rather do what's right for the industry than make a couple extra bucks for myself.

If you'd like to return any of the first run, just PM me for my address. I'll take good care of you when the swap happens. I promise to send a bit more than I get back for the inconvenience.

Thank you everybody for your support and I hope this new product makes your life easier too... I can't believe how easy it is to make my pink hearts now... we couldn't develop this cane with out your support early on... :love:

2009-10-23, 10:00am
Hi Brent - THANK YOU SO MUCH for offering to do this - I was kind of wondering if the thickness of the amber purple (or thinness I guess) was part of the problem I was having. I don't have any issues striking AP most of the time so I really thought I was losing my mind - lol. I think I only have two rods that have a thick enough layer on them...
Would you PM me with you address?
Thanks again,

Mr. Smiley
2009-10-24, 12:50pm
Brent Graber
609 Bay Ct
Orlando, FL

I'm just sorry I didn't catch it before I shipped it out... if you used some, just let me know how many rods you burned up! :love:

2009-10-26, 9:28pm
Do the "bad" rods yield no color whatsoever?

Mr. Smiley
2009-10-27, 2:53am
They will yield yellows and oranges... if you gather them up, thickening the Amber Purple, they will yield pinks and purples... some applications may naturally gather the Amber Purple and give nice results... but it's not what I was after... it's not what it was supposed to be, so I'm going to take it back and replace it with something that is done right. ;) Northstar is running another batch this week. It will have a thicker layer of Amber Purple... I used the thinner stuff in a floral implosion... loved the results! Some folks may have a use for this first batch, but I want everybody to know that I'm willing to take the thin rods back, because it's the right thing to do. :love: