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2009-12-11, 4:33pm
Next Friday the 18th of December we are taking a FULL inventory of all of our tools, supplies and glass so we know what we have and this makes running our business so much better and makes our customers so much happier, in that we know what we have and do not have.

Our phone will be live on Friday and one person will be in sales to take calls, but most of us will be counting or putting new info into our computer. We will keep the store open and we will ship out all our orders on Thursday. Order that come in on Friday will ship on Monday unless the customer is requesting a RUSH and/or UPS Air.

This will be a slight inconvenience to our customers, but the end result will be better inventory control. And speaking of control, I have decided that we will trade in our old software and go with a better one, along with three new computer servers and the best thing is that when you place an order on our website, it will (almost) automatically be turned into a sales order. Presently we print out the web order and take all of the information and manually put all that information into our computer. This new method will allow us to get orders to the back for filling much quicker than before and less of a chance for mistakes.

Mike Frantz

2009-12-12, 3:39pm
I wish I had help to do inventory... I must do this all alone, it will take me 2 or 3 days. :(

2009-12-13, 12:05pm
Don't forget to inventory the candy. In fact, it might be best to inventory the candy first.

2009-12-13, 12:34pm
I wish I had help to do inventory... I must do this all alone, it will take me 2 or 3 days. :(

I hear you. Wish we had some Santa's Elves that work for free :-)

2009-12-13, 8:55pm
Its not a easy task. But it has to be done, Good luck,