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lynn's lampwork
2006-02-23, 9:28am
I'm sure this has been posted a 1000 times, and I apologize, but can someone point me in the right direction of a vine cane tutorial (with pictures, preferably...)

Thanks very much!

2006-02-23, 12:37pm
Oo Oo me too!

Angela Schoonen
2006-02-23, 1:57pm
No step by step pics available from me, but here is what I do:

Using pea green, melt a blob, about the size of a pea. Flatten. Stripe with intense black stringer and pea green stringer alternating, all the way around. Encase in transparent green. Add a blob of clear to the end, heat an old mandrel and stick it in the clear. Snip other side (the rod of pea green) and add another blob of clear. Again, put another mandrel in this side. Now you've got 2 mandrels with the striped green in the middle. Heat this blob, pull into stringer.

Here are a couple of encased florals with my vines:

2006-02-24, 5:49am
Lovely beads! The mandrels stick in real well then. I wondered if they would. It would seem much easier then puntying up with clear rods. How greatly does the intense black add to the design? Would reg black Moretti do? We all benefit from repetition Lynn (me

Thanks Angela

Angela Schoonen
2006-02-24, 8:00am
Hi Boopdidoop;
The mandrels stick in well if you heat the glass hot enough, AND the mandrel, until it is glowing. Stick it in the glass and let it cool. It won't come out.
If you use regular Moretti black, it will turn purple when you pull it - I would advise using the intense black if you want the vines to be black and green rather than purple and green.

2006-02-27, 4:21pm
Green Mosaic is an alternative to black.

2006-03-05, 11:45am
I melt a large blob of pea green, marver into a short fat barrel on the end then use my non serated knife to make 7-8 ditches all the way round from end to end.
Barrel on of pea green rod
make long thin ditches right along barrel:

I then use regular vetrofond or moretti black pre purchased stringer(you don't need to use intense black , well I never have) and add stripes down in the ditches from end to end. I then encase with dark transparent green, cap with clear and then pull with a rod of glass that is a nice stiff colour. Snap into sections with your needle nose pliers. Make sure when you pull the cane you don't pull it to thin and especially dont pull it to thick as all though I have been told people can 'stretch' cane I havn't had much luck in doing it!!!!
I think you can find a similar way of making them in corina tettingers passing the flame
I am going to experiment changing the pea green to say pale lavender for example to make vines in other colours, they technically wont be vines then but would be nice background decoration!!!
you may find depending on which black you buy (moretti or vetrofond) you may have to use intense black...I have found that normal black is sufficient for me though.....

2006-03-05, 11:48am
barrel on pea green rod was ment to look like this (ignore full stops had to put them there so that the crappy drawing would come out right!)

anyway I am sure you got what I ment!

2006-03-12, 1:48pm
:sad: I am twistie challenged so I found someone who loves to make them and sells them in any color you want. Florals, vines, and twisties. Sorry guys, not trying to down any of you for making your own and my hat goes off to each and everyone of you who can do it.

I can't :o( :x Just not good at it so I buy them.

Cool tutorial though and I will try it again on my own and see what happens :o)

Awesome floral beads Angela! Wow!!!


2008-11-05, 8:06am
Does anyone sell already made vine cane. I am a beginner on a hot head and I would like to use these but can't make them.

2008-11-05, 9:21am
Does anyone sell already made vine cane. I am a beginner on a hot head and I would like to use these but can't make them.

Lynnie Richards here (Dane Lady is her LE name or check website makes them and would be happy to make you some, I'm sure! If she is unable to help you out at this time, please PM me and I'll make some for you! I love making them... :)

DeAnne in CA