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2010-01-18, 8:09am
and clicking here ( will take you to it. Sharing the love, accept no cheap alternatives.

2010-01-18, 8:28am
Very nice. Can't wait to get my studio back up and running so I can try this!

2010-01-18, 10:10am
nice!! thanks for sharing!

2010-01-18, 10:54am
o this is so cool :biggrin: thank you for sharing.

Three Muses Glass
2010-01-18, 11:16am
Excellent! Thanks!

Puddy Tat Glass
2010-01-18, 11:34am
I love trying new techniques for eyes, thanks so much.

2010-01-18, 4:15pm
Thanks.....I love your eyes

2010-01-18, 7:04pm
Thanks Chris. This is great.

2010-01-20, 7:04pm
Thanks a million or sharing this! I have been trying to figure this out for the past few years and came pretty close, but this is the icing on the cake!

2010-01-21, 7:23pm
Once again I have to thank you for sharing this, you are just awesome! Here is a picture of some eyes that I made up yesterday using your explanation. These are soft glass, but your info and technique made all of the difference.



2010-01-21, 8:24pm
Wonderful, thank you so much! I needed something new&fabulous to play with, tomorrow I'll give it a shot. Love your work! *sharon*

2010-01-21, 10:21pm
I am totally gonna try this!! cool!!

2010-01-22, 8:09am
nice eyes, Roger, and good to see you have the blood vessels going the right way, too!!!
I've been wondering about soda glass, I only use it when I'm doing furnace work, seems to take to it very well, I must say.
Thanks for posting those!

2010-01-22, 10:41am
and clicking here ( will take you to it. Sharing the love, accept no cheap alternatives.

Is is just to busy do you think? I keep getting a network error.

dragonart glass
2010-01-22, 12:28pm
That's great! I'm going to try it today. Thanks a zillion!!


2010-01-22, 4:45pm
Is is just to busy do you think? I keep getting a network error.

something's up, I can't get on it either so here it is ...

here's a quick tute I did with a shitty camera, it's a little focus challenged, but I think you will get the idea.
This is how I do my eyeballs, I learned this tech from a glass eye maker years ago and adapted it to boro (glass eyes are made with a certain kind of glass made for eyes in Lauscha. I've found it to be pretty effective.

here's what I used for the tute and the samples,

Momkas Lightning Blue (for iris colour ... others work too, but Momka's LB is the shitz for blue irises ... I think so anyway)

NS Onyx (iris backing ... also used for pupil, prepare a 2 mm or 3 mm rod)

clear rod
3mm for encasing stringer
7mm as punty
10mm for lensing

1 x marble mold
1 x inner fire of my Mirage

1. - 4.
Take 3mm rod and put one layer of casing around the end of a Momka's Lightning Blue rod and pull into thin stringer. This will keep the colour lines in the iris sparated. Obviously you can use thicker or thinner rod for casing, 3mm is just the standard diameter I use.

5. - 6.
Pop a gather of onyx on the end of your 7mm punty and melt it on.

7. - 8.
Apply stringer onto your Onyx gather lengthwise, do 2 or 3 layer of this and take care to cover most, if not all of the onyx, depending on the effect you want. Melt it all in!

This step is very important, as it makes the lines in the iris finer ... pull away the end of your gather and flame cut it. Make sure everything is on center, or it will all be off in the end.

10. - 13.
Heat your gather and gently push it into a large-ish marble mold. If you use a very small mold, the curve will be to much, you want a nice gentle curve which makes your gather come out looking similar to a military brass button.

Let it cool to stone cold* and then heat the very apex of the curve.

15. - 16.
Push your Onyx rod (of suitable size for the iris usually 2mm or 3mm for me is good) into the center of the heated apex. Let it cool a bit and snap off. It's better than adding just a blob of black on the surface (Pushing it in ensures the pupil will stay the size you want it to be without getting larger once you lense your iris up). Melt it all in nicely back to the brass button shape. Use your marble mold again if needed.

17. - 20.
Heat a gather of 10mm clear and blob it onto the front of your iris. Melt it all in and use your marble mold once more to get it back to the brass button shape.

And that's it, if you've done it right and on center you will have a circular iris with a pupil in the middle. I don't have a photo of this as my camera ran out of batteries.

From this point you can just pop the iris onto a round white gather and turn it into an eyeball marble. You can also add a triangle of whit on either side and from there add eyelids etc.
I included some sample end products below, but once you have a handle on making the irises, I'm sure you will know what to do with them.
Try encased exotic green, aurora or exotic red stringers for other colors ...

Hope all that made sense in spite of the crappy pictures.
If you try this and it helped you, please post some of your results in this thread, I'd love to see what you make from it.
If you have any problems doing this technique, please feel free to send me a message.


*by stone cold I don't mean cold, I mean cold enough for the glass to be solid but still hot.

2010-01-22, 4:47pm
and some examples

2010-01-22, 10:49pm
Wow! Thank you Chris, both the tutorial and your eyes are great!

2010-02-21, 2:58am
yeah i tried the tutorial and here is my eye ;) thank you so much Chris.


2010-02-21, 3:20am
This rocks! Thank You :)

2010-02-21, 9:05am
Wild! Thanks for sharing!

2010-02-21, 9:55am
Awesome and Wicked. Thanks.


Lorraine Chandler
2010-02-21, 10:26am
Once again I have to thank you for sharing this, you are just awesome! Here is a picture of some eyes that I made up yesterday using your explanation. These are soft glass, but your info and technique made all of the difference.



These are amazing and many thanks to the generosity of Chris. 8)=D>
Roger The eye at the bottom left, the golden hazel one is just captivating to me. I keep picturing it placed into a plant like Seymor's, Audrey II in the little shop of horrors...LOL

If it was a baby sized AudreyII plant that you made I would BUY one!!! ( if it wasn't too expensive) I know, I'am a strange cupcake:hide:

Ruth Nichols
2010-02-21, 12:36pm
Great Tutorial! I hope I can do it justice when I try it on one of these guys here in this post. They were last years fun and I want to now expand on it. I have dreamed these guys since I was a kid.... so they HAVE to have the right eyes! I think your kindness in sharing this tutorial will give me the tweak skill I needed. This is just soooo COOL of you! :koolaid:



Karen Hardy
2010-02-21, 1:12pm
I'm kind of lost. You make a dot of black on the end of a punty,
then add cased stripes of color around the black 'overlapping' the
black part and a bit of the clear? Then you pull back on the rod to
stretch the color part out. What happens after that???

Ugh, I'm confused and I WANT to make cool eyes!!!

2010-02-24, 11:47am
Here is another one i am hooked LOL.


Lea Zinke
2010-02-24, 5:55pm
OMG, Marcel, that is the coolest eye ever!!!! I'm going to go look at that tutorial if that is an example of a successful result, WOW!

And thanks, Wicked, for sharing such a neat technique!!!

2010-04-29, 6:50am
Anyone care to share what other colors they're using successfully for their eyesses? I don't have blue lightning but my studio is going to be set back up this weekend - on tanked :) I want to try this!

2010-04-29, 4:15pm
hi Chris
anything that will give you a bit of a fume will work, even colours that don't (such as canary). Personally I prefer the fumier colours.
Here's a few

Any of the fumy Momka colours .... coz they rock!
NS Amber Purple, Yellow, Exotic Green/Blue, blue/green/normal caramel

I'd say try anything you want, it's not that hard to find a colour that works. I just used lightning blue for the tute because it gives me a really nice blue iris.

also try different backgrounds for your iris, such as turbo cobalt, onyx, elvis, star white for different effects. Amber Purple for example will give you a blue when you put it over black or cobalt and a subtler yellow colour when you put it over white.

play around, have fun :)

2010-11-12, 8:11pm
These look fantastic! Do you have to have a marble mold to do this? Sorry if that is an idiotic question^.^

2010-11-12, 8:54pm
I don't think so - but it probably saves a lot of work! Get creative - use a spoon or something.

edit: or marver roundish on a flat marver

2010-11-13, 3:46am
These look fantastic! Do you have to have a marble mold to do this? Sorry if that is an idiotic question^.^

No, not an idiotic question at all. Lots of innovations are made by "making do" with what you have. The Bunyip spoon is a great idea, an ice cream scoop or melon baller also work, or you could just try making a flat maria, too. I prefer to have a domed shape, because the iris seems to fill out better and give you more of the "following eye" effect

2010-11-13, 7:29am
hi chris

my ? is, you had a link on another board about a different eye tut. when i tried to link it, it ain,t there any more. is there some place i can see it? i think you posted it in 07.
thxs marvin

2010-11-13, 8:24am
yes, marv, I did, I wrote a murrini eye tut and I had it on my webpage. I wiped my site and redesigned it a couple of months ago and haven't put the tut back up. My adsl is down atm because of a line fault, the company is working on it and they've given me an eta of within 5 days. I still have the tut and I can post it here once I'm back on line (using my phone right now).

2010-11-13, 8:39am
hey chris, if you would i would surely appreciate it.i think it is so amazing how we are able to do all of this eletronic stuff [with phones and computers]. seems like you are just down the street, instead of on the other side of the world. boogles a old mans mind.

2010-11-14, 6:40am
hope this works, uploaded the images to my phone and trying to post from there

2010-11-14, 6:49am
here's the second bit. I've been told its similar to what Milan Townsend has in his book, but when I was working this technique out, I didn't know who Milan was, lol. I've re-invented the wheel so many times with different techniques because I wasn't aware of much of a lampworking movement internationally in my early days .. Ah well ... Anyway, I hope the tute is usable and understandable.

2010-11-14, 6:56am
stupid phone made me say Milan instead of Milon ... Damn techmonology

2010-11-14, 10:52am
thanks chris for the tut. if thats the worse that damn techmonology makes you do then you are ahead of the game .

2010-11-14, 11:23am
OMG Chris, thanks so much for posting this awesome tutorial! I drool over your work (the aliens, oooooooh, I'm an SF freak, adore your aliens).

2010-11-15, 8:21am
LOL I'm still trying to get a blue eye using NS colors... I may have to break down and buy more glass... OH NO!!! (;))

2010-11-15, 3:18pm
Won't be trying this now, but certainly great information that you have shared, Chris. With the results you get, no wonder your work is so well loved. Thanks!


2010-11-16, 4:18pm
i just tryed the tut. on the eye murrine that chris posted it was easy to do. so easy in fact i screwed it up by trying to save my black by covering a clear rod with it. you can probable guess that my center had a thin black band around a clear center. so i get to practice this technique again. i only feel a little stoopid, oh well. anyways other than that the first one went great.

2010-12-02, 10:11am
wickedglass your repile eyes are amazing! Love the octopus eye too. Spectacular and thanks for sharing

2010-12-06, 1:03am
I keep forgetting to try this. They look like so much fun!

2010-12-06, 2:04am
Thanks for the wonderful tutorial complete with pics so I can understand it. Will definitely try to make some eyes tomorrow.
Very impressed with your technology too!

2010-12-09, 11:38am
Thank you sooo much for this tut! Here is a Blue one and a green one I did... the green one didn't survive it cracked down the middle but I love this tech!!!!! Sorry for the bad pics!


deb tarry
2010-12-09, 6:26pm
The eyes are loads of fun I got to get back to these. Good job Steven.

2010-12-09, 11:57pm
Thank you Bunyip and wicked glass I will look around for some spoon or metal cup to use:D

2016-05-29, 7:37pm
I know this is an old thread, but I would love to try this our. Could someone tell me:
in post #36 steps 4-6, is the powder he refers to enamel or glass? does it get melted in before applying the stringer? Do you melt in each layer of stringer to prevent trapping bubbles?

If anyone is interested: I copy and pasted what Chris (wickedglass) posted and reconfigured it into a better flowing format (hope you don't mind Chris). PM me with your email if you would like me to send it to you.