View Full Interactive Version Of This Page : anybody give a deal for a package sale?

Maui Greenstone
2010-02-11, 10:14pm
My brother is looking to upgrade his setup with his tax return.... Anybody out there willing to give us a good deal on

1. phantom 4 port torch
2. foot pedal for the torch
3. l-marver for the phantom
4 oxy gen capable of running (or cylinder filler)
5 (depending on size of return)kiln with a guillotine door and inner dimentions around 12"x12"x10")
6. various tools marvers, marble molds, claw grabbers, vin pin, etc
7. 2nds or odds colors, china blue tubing, contrax

items 1-4 are a for sure thing and the rest are gonna be added if he gets a particularily big return.

so if you could pm me a quote on the first 4 things that would be awesome!! thanks and Aloha!!


2010-02-13, 11:53pm
Hi John!