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2010-03-26, 3:53pm
Is Chrissy out of town or out of internet reach? Does anyone know? I ordered some boro frit blends on March 9th. My order still shows as pending on the website, not shipped. I also sent a PM but havent heard back.

I hope she is ok and her hubby too. I hope he is not ill again.

Chrissy, are you out there?


2010-03-26, 5:22pm
I saw your message and I thought, hum... 'I should check the order I made on 3/17'. It is also still pending, the status beginning 3/23. I'm guessing it takes a while for the money to transfer, but I made my order a whole week after yours, so ... ?

I've gotten frit from Chrissy before and she was very responsive to PMs, so that is strange! It looks like she made a post to her profile page yesterday, so she's around. But, yes, I hope that everything is going well with everything at home!

2010-03-29, 7:33am
I think Chrissy ships FROM abroad. It takes awhile for her lovelies to arrive, but it's worth it.

2010-03-29, 8:48am
Thanks for the reassurance, Aleta! I knew she was in the Netherlands. I'm fine with that part. I can't speak for Leslie, but my main question was whether it meant anything the order was still "pending" rather than 'shipped' (or something similar) in the website. The last time I got something from Chrissy it was through the Garage Sale, so I'm new to her website, but I know it took a week or two to get it after it shipped. That doesn't bother me. I know I'll get it eventually, I'm just curious when (and hoping a possible delay isn't because of bad news!).

2010-03-29, 12:30pm
My concern is two fold. One I paid for a tracking number for shipping and havent received it and secondly, I sent a pm a week ago that hasnt been answered. It doesnt look like she has been on the board since the 19th?

2010-03-29, 12:39pm
Oh, wow. If that's the shipping option I remember ... egad. I don't know if this is good news or bad news for you, but I got my package today. I chose the normal shipping option. I have no idea if that makes a difference. I'd try e-mailing her feng frit address, as well as PM. I'd have to guess that this is a (very unfortunate) fluke!

2010-03-29, 1:06pm
I'm more concerned about her than the order. Its not like her to be gone from here too long

2010-03-29, 7:06pm
Hey all,

I had an email to my home account late last week. I believe everyone is healthy. She just moved her entire business (and I think homestead to) to a new location. So packing, unpacking, getting organized ... overwhelmed.

I've been hounding her to get some new frit up on the website she was nice enough to gift me. It is toooo die for!!! Sparkly Blue!!!

If you aren't hearing from her on PMs you can also try To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.

Also from past experience, sometimes the website doesn't get update to shipped even though the package is in the mail.


2010-03-29, 7:28pm
I think Laura is onto something. I think I had communication issues with Chrissy because I used the wrong email address. I agree, go with the email addy that she gave you in the above link.

2010-03-29, 8:04pm
Chrissy posted this in another, similar thread:
Yes in deed, i already re-shipped several shipmets that either seem to went missing in postal land or are arriving with a massive delay.

I had some customers who responded in the sale rack thread that the order fially got their and they did not need me to resed it.

One of the customers eventually ended up with receiving both parcels shortly after each other. So i am convinced it has something to do with shipping.

I do have on and of access to internet. ( It is not jet properly installed so i am using a open internet source which comes on and of during th day. In other words, i am using somebody elses internet connection who did not protect it with a license key and which is only available when that person is using it's internet. I KNOW it is not how it is suppose to be, but at least i can post replies on here and other online application )

At this time i am waiting for the installers to setup our internet. And that is the reason i have little to no acces to my e-mail :( To check this i need to go elsewhere and bring my labtop allong. )

As far as i know i have been in contact with all my customers who are still waiting to receive their shipment.

For the record, i ALWAYS take care or my customers and ALWAYS replace missing orders, even if they are shipped without insurance or tracking. WHY?
Because i just want my customers to be happy and enjoying my goodies.

All replacements have been shipped and some have already been received.
Up till now everybody was happy with receiving a replacement except 1 customer. Which in the end is fine by me, i will do wathever the customer feels happy with.

Yes i am still in the middle of moving my bussiness and my home to a new and bigger location. Thi is taking a lot of time, as i have to do it by myself. My husband is still far from being better. Sometimes even breathing is almost to much for him.

He will be going under surgery as soon as he has enough strenght to survive the operation. So for now i need to take care of the bussiness, moving, re-decorating, cleaning and nursing my husband and everything in between.

So yeah i might be a little late in replying to an e-mail or a PM and i would LOVE to see that differently but i am only human and can only do as much at 1 time as a person can do.

I wish i was superwomen but unfortunately i am not and no where near being super women.

I hope in the end my customers know me and my service nd trust me enough to know i always take care of them. Always have been and always will be.

If you have send me an e-mail and are still waitign for a reply, please copy and paste it in a PM.

Thank you.

2010-04-09, 9:59am
I just wanted to let everyone know that I did receive my frit a couple of days ago. Now if I could just figure out what base colours to use so my beads look like Chrissy's.

2010-04-11, 7:27am
Hi everybody. I have been away for a long time. Not planning on doing that again!
I have my internet settled now so i am back to my old speedy replies.

I hope you can all forgive me for not answering my e-mails or pm's within a reasonable time frame. If i could i really would have done that.

I am still in the middle of unpacking boxes. But the store is doen for 80% and i am back on board again :)

Ooo Leslie,

All my boro beads are made in 2 ways:

#1 Base of clear double or tripple dipping in the fritblend ( melt down the frit after each dipping ) and encase in clear.

#2 Base of clear double or tripple dipping in the fritblend ( melt down the frit after each dipping ) now dip in clear frit melt down and encase.

Cool your bead and flame strike. It will give you teh same look and colours i got.

If you need more help just let me know ;)

2010-04-11, 8:41am
I love all her frit blends I cannot wait to try some boro beads with her frit- all of her blends are really no fuss. I have some favorites one being Blackberry it is a gorgeous deep purple blend that just makes me think of fresh picked blackberries. For the BE blends Cloud 9 cannot be beat it is such a great mix with purples and a hint of pink so easy to work and makes such pretty beads. I also love Kerensa which she will be releasing shortly it is a pink blend and one of the nicest to date I will try and dig up the pics of the beads I made with it!!!

2010-04-12, 7:58am
That helps a lot Chrissy. Thanks again. and thanks for the sample frit as well.

2010-04-14, 11:05am
your welcome Leslie, let me know if you need my help :)

2010-04-16, 11:21am
Hi Chrissy, the post offices must be really goofing up. I haven't received either of the packages from you yet. We will just have to wait a little longer and see what has happened.

2010-04-16, 1:54pm
Got my frit today, and can't wait to play with it this weekend! Thanks, Chrissy!!!!


2010-04-16, 11:23pm
Pat, i think your package is jinxed.
Keep me posted as Lisi's did arrive.

Of it isn't in your mailbox by the end of today give me a shout out and i will go to the headoffice on monday and post another one. You know what they say right, 3 times is a charm.

And i will make sure i pack some extra goodies for you.

Lisi i am so glad to hear you finally got the goodies :)

Now show us what you did with them :):):)