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2010-04-01, 1:51pm
I haven't been able to find my favorite tool ever. It's the large brass chisel tool that Maria makes. I use it for everything, from shaping flower petals to smashing dots. I use it every day and it is lost somewhere in my studio. I even cleaned my studio and I still couldn't find it. So last night around midnight I wrote to Maria and asked if she had one I could by. When I got up at 3:00 am for a bathroom call I checked my email and there was a note from Maria saying she had a chisel tool up for me on her etsy site. I paid for it right away and she had it in the mail this that's what I call service !!! I love Maria's tools, if you haven't seen them, you might want to check them out.
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2010-04-01, 1:56pm
Aw, thanks so much Harriet! I'm glad to have helped! :grin:

2010-04-03, 9:13am
Question from a tool junkie...I thought I had all of Maria's stuff!! I don't see on her Etsy anything like I think you are talking about...Maria???
Thanks, pat

2010-04-03, 9:43am
It's the middle tool in the 3 tool group. It has a turquoise cuff around the center. This has become my all time favorite tool, and the first one I reach for. I use it for flattening dots, making creases in leaves, separating dots that get too close to each other, to push glass back from the ends of the bead, to guide the second color I put on top of a white dot. I have just found many uses for it along the way and I will be so glad when it arrives. :)

2010-04-03, 9:45am
Thanks, Harriet...yep, I have that group!! Just didn't want to miss any of Maria's inventions!!