View Full Interactive Version Of This Page : Got pics of 'dark raku' or iris opal dark brown beads?

2005-07-11, 9:38pm
Anyone got pics of what R-106, iris opal dark brown (aka dark raku) looks like on a bead? I just got some but it'll be a while 'til I can torch again so I'm being impatient... I wanna know what it looks like NOW! :twisted:


Shawn T
2005-07-12, 2:33pm
I just opened my box of Frit from Gail. I got it in 3 different sizes. 00, 1 and 4 so hopefully soon I can show you pics and tell you something about this frit.
Love what I have seen so far with this new frit, It does seem to turn purple for most people but also can turn foggy and cloudy. Not sure how or why it does that.
I will be testing it and see if I can figure it out.

2005-07-12, 2:53pm
I love this frit! It's a nice chocolate brown color and will bring in blues that are TDF.

2005-07-12, 6:44pm
I love this color too. It can devit and turn all pitted on you. It can turn blues and purples like Starlia said, and it is a nice warm brown.

This first picture shows the brown on top of the iris orange (aka raku).

This second picture shows frit and scrolls of the brown on silver pink and/or opal yellow.


PS - Starlia, what does TDF mean

2005-07-12, 7:40pm
:waving: TDF is to die for.

2005-07-12, 8:46pm
OK, duh, thanks Starlia.

I agree on the blues and purples BTW.


2005-07-12, 10:42pm
Thanks you guys!!!

Wow! That's nice!! Are you both heating the heck out of it like you have to do to R-108?

Lara, putting R-106 on top of R-108 -- woman after my own heart!!! :biggrin:

Starlia, the blues are gorgeous... I can't wait to experiment and see if I can get them to happen. Any reactive blues I can get just *totally* make my day. :koolaid: :-P

Shawn, please do show what you get!!

I'm leaving early tomorrow for the Puget Sound Bead Festival, so I won't be around the computer much for the next few days... but I'll try to check in and see what else is posted.

lynne :waving:

2005-07-12, 11:29pm
It's one of my favorite colors, and can even take on a pearlescent sheen along with the blues - I had a series I did with this frit in the #1 size this winter, and it seemed to especially take on the pearlescence on yellow and orange base glass. Here are a few other ways I've used it, including in size 00 (on the tube), plain (the lentils are just 106 in rod form, nothing else) and encased:

2005-07-13, 6:55am
I like it on a dark purple trans. A very fun frit!

Shawn T
2005-07-13, 5:27pm
Here are two lentils I made last night.
Made with a black base and size 1 frit, hard to believe the base is black as you will see, it swallowed the black and you can't see any of it in the bead.


2005-07-13, 6:19pm
I am SO glad I ordered SOME :koolaid: With ANY luck, I'll be able to get some results like the beauties here!! WOWZERS!!!!!!

2005-07-13, 8:22pm
Thanks you guys!!!

Wow! That's nice!! Are you both heating the heck out of it like you have to do to R-108?

lynne :waving:


The round beads I made with the scrolls I heated a lot. I find that the more I heat it, the more purply I get and the more spreading. When I use this frit I find I heat and cool and heat alot to get it just right. It kinda acts like EDP where you can heat it for a shiny finish and when cooled and put back in the flame it can devit.


2005-07-14, 5:59am
I love this frit! It's a nice chocolate brown color and will bring in blues that are TDF.

WOW i am tired of the raku color, THOSE are AWSOME!!! I love how it compliments the base color. What number is this? OH thanks Kelera, R106? I just tried that last night. *runs to kiln to see what is in there that is good*

2005-07-16, 3:13pm
Here's some on pink.

2005-08-03, 9:21pm
I am just now getting back to a computer!!! Thank you *everyone* who posted!

Damn, it's a really beautiful glass! It's still gonna be at least a few weeks until I can torch, but it'll be one of the first things I try when I do (says she who never knows what the hell she's gonna do 'til she lights the torch :roll: :badgrin: )

Shawn, I'd never know that was black glass under there... And Kalera, I do believe I'll be trying it on yellow and orange.

lynne :love: :waving:

Shawn T
2005-08-05, 8:46pm

These are Dark Raku size 00 on a white base.
Sorry I didn't clean them and rushed to take the pic before the sun left the back deck, so they may have some bead release left in them.

Rhapsody Fire Beads
2005-08-05, 8:59pm
Why oh Why does it just detrify on me?????

2005-08-06, 2:53am
It did just detrify on me so I etched them a bit.
Sorry for the sucky pic.

2005-08-06, 9:09pm
Shawn and Pattie!!! Whooo! Those are NICE!!! And Shawn, the last thing I'm thinking about when I look at those beads is bead release-- the colors are sweeeet!