View Full Interactive Version Of This Page : TAG Customer service is great

2010-05-06, 4:34pm
Thanks to Paul and Jenny at TAG for perservering with my order through all the Paypal confusion. Some pretty funny stuff happened but they kept communicating until the problem was solved and now my glass is on its way.

2010-05-06, 4:48pm
Jenny is the BOMB!! And she is a vendor who understands the concept of Lagniappe - cajun for "a little something extra". I love ordering from her - it is ALMOST as much fun as talking to her is! TAG glass is great too - fussier than DH - but, oh is it worth it when you baby it and get it to behave!!! :)

2010-05-10, 4:51pm
I just received this order this morning and that is awesome - so quick for an international order. I can't thank Jenny and Paul enough for making this happen.

Firebrand Beads
2010-05-12, 2:06pm
thanks you guys... Jenn gets extra credit for double-checking whether I'd gotten her lost e-mail too... <3