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2010-08-01, 1:14am
Almost 60% of this E-book is done. So I thought it would be time to announce it.

I got many request from lampworkers and fellow murrini makers. If I would consider writing an E-book on my Sakura flower murrini. Some of you already knew i was in the middle of writing.

So here I am again, on a new writing journey

What to expect from this E-book:

* How to think in flower murrini
* How to make all your flower parts
* Assembling all flower parts
* Trouble shooting
* Pulling the actual cane
* Why to pre-pull points
* How to apply flower murrini

Of Course i will devote a part on Tools to use, things to keep in mind etc.

In the end you will know how to make my Sakura Flowers and how to make a Waterflower.


2010-08-01, 2:59am
Can't wait, it will be a great to my tutorial collection


2010-08-01, 8:06am
I still don't know how she makes the waterflowers lol ;) they are gorgeous!!

2010-08-01, 8:51am
I bought some of her sakura flowers and don't know how to apply them.

2010-08-01, 9:31am
Hi Pat,

Did you not receive a bookmark card with instructions?
Cause that should have been in your order.

This is the info on the card:

Flower murrini instructions

1: Spot heat where the murrini should go.
2: Flash the murrini in the flame, push the murrini in.
3: Heat a blob of clear on and put it on top of the murrini to prevent imploding.
4: Heat the clear and gently push it down a little.
5: Ad another blob of clear on top. Melt it in, now use a round pusher and push it down directly in the centre. If it is of centered 1 part of the petals will get smaller while the other part get pushed out.
The round pusher opens the flower.
6: Heat the murrini and gently paddle down.
7: Encase your bead as desired.

Congrats you have applied your first flower.

Let me know if you have any questions.

2010-08-01, 8:26pm
If I did I misplaced it. Thanks for the instructions.

2010-08-02, 12:04am
Your welcome Pat, if you still need help just send me a PM or e-mail.

2010-08-02, 10:44am
I'm subscribing to this thread so I know when it's finished. The flowers are gorgeous!

2010-08-03, 6:35am
I would love to pre order this :)

2010-08-03, 7:23am
Thank you, i will mention it in here when it is done.
If you would like to pre-order that would be an option.

But i would hate it that you would have to wait till it is ready.So i am not sure about the whole pre-order part.

Let me know what you think

2010-08-03, 1:18pm
I'm subscribing too, looks like something I might want to try....again.

2010-08-03, 3:47pm
How wow Chrissy, this looks great! Thanks so much for doing this!


2010-08-03, 7:48pm
To me pre-ordering means that some time down the road I will get such a nice surprise in my email besides bills n such :)

2010-08-03, 8:00pm
I'd be happy to pre-order. We could be your quality checkers...LOL

2010-08-03, 8:00pm
To me pre-ordering means that some time down the road I will get such a nice surprise in my email besides bills n such :)

I agree! I wouldn't mind pre-ordering either!


2010-08-04, 3:23am
OK, you all have convinced me.

I will go and set-up a pre-order page and when it is done i will post in here.

I think i should give away some free flower murrini for all pre-orders.... don't you agree?

2010-08-04, 3:43am
Uh huh, hehe!

OK, you all have convinced me.

I will go and set-up a pre-order page and when it is done i will post in here.

I think i should give away some free flower murrini for all pre-orders.... don't you agree?

2010-08-04, 4:53am
I think i should give away some free flower murrini for all pre-orders.... don't you agree?

Something for free? You have to ask?? :lol:


2010-08-04, 4:55am
I'll pre-order too

2010-08-04, 5:14am
Something for free? You have to ask?? :lol:


:rolleyes: what was i thinking.... LOL

2010-08-04, 6:10am
:) I always love a good bonus.

2010-08-04, 7:15am
I'm looking forward to it. I haven't had any lessons on murrini in a long time!

2010-08-04, 7:41am
So I caved in, and I am going to offer a pre-order on this new E-book to be.
To make up the waiting time, although it is your own choice to pre-order, all pre-orders will receive a minimum of 6 murrini’s in the style explained in the E-book. So it will be a minimum of 3 Sakura flowers and 3 water Flowers.

The price of this new E-book will be $ 25,-

The Banner below will forward you to the pre-order page. (

Thank you all for yoru support!

2010-08-04, 10:31am
I never do this with tutorials, but this one looks really great so I went ahead and pre-ordered. Thank you!

2010-08-04, 11:13am
Thank you so much for all the pre-orders.

Just a little note for all who are wondering.

This E-book is made with coe 104 glass. You do not need to have Satake glass to be able and make flower murrini.

2010-08-04, 11:39am
Just pre-ordered mine! Looking forward to it!

2010-08-04, 11:56am
Hi Chrissy:

Sounds like a great tutorial. I would like to see bigger pictures and more examples.


2010-08-04, 12:45pm
Hi Patsy,

At this time i do not have bigger pictures to show of the murrini. But i do have more samples of beads with my flower murrini:

Sakura Flower

Water flower

Dichro flower

Other flower murrini

2010-08-09, 11:17am
Just pre-ordered! Looking forward to it!

2010-08-10, 3:22am
Just had to pre order, can't wait until it is ready.


2010-08-10, 10:55am
OMG, thank you all so much. I need to get a gazillion murrini pre-pulled packed and shipped for all of you who pre-ordered.

I am aiming to have the E-book released on Monday.

2010-08-10, 11:14am
Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

2010-08-13, 5:31pm

Thanks for posting pictures of your beautiful beads made with the murini. It looks awesome!


2010-08-15, 3:53pm
Chrissy, those beads and murrini are so beautiful. I have some that I bought from you so I guess I should go down and see if can even put them on a bead...LOL

Can't wait for the tutorial

2010-08-16, 12:27am
Slight delay in release. I was plannign to have teh last pictures taken this weekend. And edit them today and release the E-book. But my hubby had a set back and wasn't feeling really great. Al though he was willing to take the pictures i told him to stay in bed.

So please give me 1 more weekend to take the pictures and release the E-book.

I am sorry for the delay. :(

2010-08-16, 10:02am
I pre-ordered too! I bought your murrini, but have been afraid to mess 'em up. Now I'll have my own starter ones to mess with first. Thanks! It looks like it'll be fun!


2010-08-16, 10:56am
I hope he feels better soon Chrissy!

2010-08-16, 11:25am
Thanks for letting us know! I hope your husband feels better soon. There are some things more important than glass but not many. :D :love:

2010-08-16, 3:06pm
Anything great is worth the wait :)

2010-08-16, 4:43pm
No problem. Thanks for letting us know. Hope hubby feels better soon!


2010-08-16, 5:06pm
I just pre-ordered mine too. :) Looking forward to working with this!

2010-08-23, 3:41pm
So, How's it coming, Chrissy?


2010-08-24, 8:20am
I think i am jinxed. First my husband wasn't feeling well and could no take the pictures.
Last week my oxycon died. It works 5 minutes and it shots off again.

So i have made some pictures but not all, as the flame setting is not what it should be.
( i think i could compare it with working on a minor with a 2 lpm oxycon )

So we are fixing the oxycon as we speak, we just got some parts in. And tomorrow will be the last picture taking day than it is down to editing the last part together.

And i will include a little extra in the E-book :) but it is a surprise ;)

2010-08-24, 9:57am
Oh Chrissy, that's just awful. Everytime I turn mine on I say a little prayer over it and tell it to be nice. I've had mine about three years. How old is your's? I just wonder how long they work.

2010-08-24, 11:26am
With Oxycons, it's more about the hours the machine on it, rather than the time. I read somewhere that they're rated for about 25K hrs? Then it has to be rebuilt or something.

I have 2, just in case!

Chrissy, I can't wait for your tute! :)

2010-08-24, 12:41pm
I'm saving up for one now just in case. Guess I should have kept better track of how may hours I've used it.

2010-08-24, 12:42pm
Can you delay the pics until Friday so I can do the pre-order and get the murrini bonus??? I'm broke until then! :)

2010-08-24, 2:52pm
Wow, Chrissy!
I think anyone who endeavors a tut. ia amazing anyway. But you go all out!

Sorry to hear about the oxycon and I hope it works for you soon. It sounds pretty frustrating. Kudos to you for your continued effort! May your flame burn brightly.


2010-08-26, 8:45pm
Chrissy: I pre-ordered and paid with paypal, received a download site that doesn't seem to work and now I've lost it on my computer , because I tried again and it said I had exceeded my download try??? Maybe it isn't ready yet but I've probably screwed something up, would you let me know how to fix the problem. Thanks Dicrodi

2010-08-26, 9:07pm
Dicrodi, I don't think it's ready to be downloaded yet. At least those of us who have pre-ordered it haven't gotten it yet.

2010-08-27, 6:26am
Thank you all for your understanding and patience.

I have 2 oxycons but i have a Knight Bullet with a split manifold. 1 oxycon works for small stuff. But for murrini it just takes to long to get it all melted.
And my oxy tank is empty and if i want to hook it up, i would need to take out the footpedal en redo the hoses.

My oxycon still is died as can be. It works 5 minutes gives beeps and shuts down.

BUT.... i have a new plan :):)

I will work smaller on the murrini. ( smaller then i usually do ) Cause i just figured you will most likely be using it for private use anyways. So no real need to have large canes pulled. which is good for a mother load of murrini.

It will still take me some time to melt it all before i will be able to pull the cane. But it is possible.

Cori, no problem. You still have time to pre-order ;)

Dicrodi, the download that you can not open is just a thank you note. As i am using instant download software i am obligated to have a download link.
You will all receive an e-mail when the e-book is ready for downloading :)

I hope you can all forgive me for havign you wait so long. :(

2010-08-27, 9:01am
Thanks for the update. Any idea when it will be ready? I am so anxious to get it (the tutorial).


2010-08-27, 10:37pm
I got an e-mail with a question about working smaller. So i decided to post my answer here as well.

Working smaller will not change anything in the design or style I will teach in the E-book.
I have a very large torch, and as I make my murrini for selling I work much bigger than an average lampworker.
So to give you an idea of size. My final blob of glass is like 3"wide and long ( or longer ) Ending with at least 10 rods of 12" each.

Instead I will work normal size nothing bigger than 1'5" diameter. Which will make 2 or 3 12"rods.

You will still get the pictures of all crucial steps. However I will not show how to pull stringers. As this should be something you already can.
All other canes and steps will be covered with pictures and step-by-step information.

Hope this explains the smaller size of working.

glass addict
2010-08-30, 7:14pm
Best wishes on getting all the technology to work!! It's great when it works, but frustrating as heck when it breaks!!!! Can't wait!


2010-09-01, 3:34am
Can I still be included in the pre-order?
Hope you sort out the technology.

2010-09-01, 8:13am
yes you can.

All pictures are taken. It is down to editing the sizes including them in the pages. combine all pages in pdf and release it.

Release date: This Weekend !!!!!!!

2010-09-05, 5:14am

Everybody who pre-ordered received an e-mail. Apparently the settings in my download software will not let me change the file from docx to a PDF....

So you have a download link in the e-mail.

I also need your reply with address as it is not listed in the paypal payment. ( because it is a download file )

Thank you all for your patience!!!

2010-09-05, 8:53am
Pm'd you - I prepaid 8/13 and didn't get your email.


2010-09-05, 9:35am
It's beautiful I read it and am ready to go down to the studio and get started. Thanks so much for taking the time to write the tutorial and then put up for the on going questions :) it is worth every penny I spent!

2010-09-05, 9:40am
Thank you so much. I am waiting for your first murrini pics Tracy!!!!

Just some info i got questions about:

I cut mine like 4 to 5mm of the straight shouldered part so to speak.
I am sorry I forgotten to mention that. For me it comes naturally so I just forgot that this should be in the E-book.

I use the largest available cabochon mandrels i purchased mine from Noodlesaurus, they are called Mandrel punties i think.

Hope you all have fun at the torch.

2010-09-05, 9:41am
Patsy, you have a PM and mail :)

2010-09-05, 9:42am
Just finished reading this amazing tutorial. If anyone didn't pre-order, now's the time. It is very well done, easy to follow & has great detail. Thanks so much, Christina!!


2010-09-05, 10:16am
Thank you Jo i tried my best as always :)

2010-09-06, 6:21am
Thank you Christina, Got my link, can't wait to give it a go! I emailed you my address.

2010-09-06, 8:30am
FABULOUS!!!!! Thanks Chrissy!

Dee Dee
2010-09-06, 4:34pm
Excellent Cristina, looking forward to trying it!

2010-09-06, 5:50pm
Another excellent tut Christina, thanks!

Can't wait for part 2 :smile:


2010-09-06, 6:50pm

Nothing arrived so far, can you please try again. The last tutorial I bought from you came with no trouble at all.

Your private message box is full, hope all of them are good.

Thanks Chrissy,

Cheers Kerry :)

2010-09-09, 1:36pm
Hi Chrissy,
I was in the middle of the download and my fax machine kicked in and interrupted the download and now it's gone. Is it possible to have you send it to me again? I tried to pm you but it won't let me. Sorry for the hassle!

And, thank you in advance, I have your silver glass tutorial and love it, can't wait to read and try this one!!!

Thank you,

2010-09-10, 12:48pm
Thank you! I got it! Great tutorial, can't wait to try it and can't wait for your next one :grin:


2010-09-12, 5:13pm
got mine- thanks! Looks like it will be fin to try when the weather cools off!

2010-09-12, 5:26pm
I think Chrissi must be having a holiday after all her work, anyone heard from her in the last few days?
I'm still having trouble receiving mine, maybe I should try one of my kid's emails.

Cheers Kerry..

2010-09-15, 12:12pm
Thank you, Chrissy!! I just got it and read it. It's a wonderful tutorial with many great pictures and excellent instructions! You did a very good job. I hope you sell lots and lots of copies!

2010-09-17, 8:02am
This looks very cool...anyone have photos of their efforts so far? I'd love to see! :)

2010-09-18, 5:12pm

Posted in the other thread. I thought I received the entire tutorial a couple of weeks ago and just sat down to read the whole thing this evening and have only 18 pages. Please resend.


2010-09-27, 8:48pm
Chrissy: Sent you an email, never able to download the flower tut, please check your email and let me know , private was full, thanks so much . Dicrodi

2010-09-28, 6:19am
Here's my first shot at one fo these muirrini. I made a very basic pull, just to get the feel for what I would have to do and sorry the flower is on a background of the same color, I was just sticking murrinis on a base bead to try them out...

Thanks you Chrissy. The instructions were easy to follow. I only gave them one go through before just giving it a go to see what happened.

Dee Dee
2010-09-28, 1:07pm
Still not got round to having a go at the murrini - soon I hope! Did anyone get their "free" murrini yet?

2010-09-29, 6:04am
Hi Everybody,

Live has been a rolercoaster for me, so i haven't been on LE for a while.

I got 1 part of the murrini shipped, the other part will ship this week.
I need to run to the store and get some more address labels and new bussinesscards printed as well.

Mardi, you did a great job. You made a mistake by using teh same color for the base bead, but i can still see the flower!!!!

Hope to see some more pictures soon :)

2010-10-01, 3:04pm
Second try....better base bead, but tipped the murrini over on accident. However, I can see there are some possibilities on doing that on purpose next time....

2010-10-31, 8:53am
Wonderful tutorial! Thanks for sharing.