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2011-06-20, 8:49pm
I just had to sing the praises of Zach at ABR print shop. I had a design rolling around in my head for the last several years. I had used Paint software to rough it out, but it was pretty rough (round outlines not round, the wording not balance, etc.).

In desperation I emailed the file to Zach and asked him if he could help. Later the same day he sent me back a file with everything trued up and looked just like I had it perfectly in my mind. The price was cheap enough I ordered a hundred stickers to give as thank you's for purchases at shows and for the Gathering bead exhange.

As an added bonus I recently discovered the stickers are thin vinyl like material so they stretch a little and fit snuggly over a convuluted handle.

Also, our lampwork group also ordered a vinyl banner (at half the cost of what we found localy) and a firm sign board. They had the ISGB logo on file and were able to add it. They also were able to put grommets in the banner where we wanted them.

Ask and you shall receive! Thanks guys!

ABR Dave
2011-06-22, 7:38am
Thank you for the great review! The print shop is a great thing. Zach is doing great stuff.

I coach Cal Ripken Baseball here in Bloomington. He just designed the logo for the 10 year old All Star Team I am coaching this summer. It was awesome! He also did window decals for us, with each players name and number incorporated to the logo he designed. We also do a banner for our sponsors, that we hang on our dugout at games.

Thanks for mentioning the prices too, because they are very competitive. We've helped a lot of people out with business cars, stickers, and banners.....something all of us artists need. It's been a lot of fun, and we hope to expand it as time goes by!

2011-06-22, 10:35pm
Window stickers! Is there anything you guys can't do? There are a lot of things I didn't even know exsisted. It would be nice to see more examples of things you can do. Many people are always looking for something a little different. But if they are like me (unimaginative), I don't know what exsists till I see it. By the way, can you make repositionable window stickers or something less permanent?

ABR Dave
2011-06-23, 8:35am
Well, we will have plenty of stickers, and you can see the banners we do in our booth at ISGB. We can, and have done, vehicle wraps, and lettering for business vehicles. Door hangers, yard signs, possibilities are pretty endless really.

tweeky clothespin
2011-06-23, 10:26pm
Hey, he forgot to mention that they can do temporary tatoos!! Just FYI.

ABR Dave
2011-06-24, 6:58am
yep, temp tats as well! those are fun. we will have little abr tats at ISGB. come get inked!