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2011-07-16, 5:15am
HI everyone! Is curdled Ivory a "mistake" and item of the past? Does this stuff still exist anywhere?

I have always had a LOT of Dk Ivory on hand and some of it has great effects and some really doesn't. I have labeled all of it "dark ivory." Is it (the curdled) supposed to look/feel different than the regular?



PS. I have also put up a WTB in the garage

2011-07-16, 7:40am
Here is what I know. It was a batch that would "curdle". It has a white dot on the end of the rod that you can see. It will sort of sparkle in the flame when it's being worked. It is a thing of the past and is not a regular color that will be made again. I have it but never really use it so other might know more.

jamie lynne
2011-07-16, 7:49am
I've used curdled ivory and regular (vetro and effetre) dark ivory. I can get both to curdle. The only difference I can see is when it is in a molten clear state, you can see little crystals in the molten glass, in the regular dark ivory you can't. To get dark ivory to curdle, just bump up your propane a little. Or silver fume, then reheat the ivory to curdle it.

2011-07-30, 9:46am
It looked to me like all of the DK Ivory I was getting in was the "curdled" kind. There is really no reason to pay a premium to get it.