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Heather Behrendt
2011-07-27, 2:21pm
I just wanted to say that Howaco glass is fantastic! I've always found the website easy to use and my glass gets here pretty quickly and wrapped very well.

This time around she was out of fusion bead release and instead of holding the rest of the glass until fusion came in, she shipped the glass and sent me something else to try and she'll be sending fusion as soon as it comes in.

I really appreciate the care and speed in shipping since we all love to shop for glass and play with it right away.

Thanks so much!

jewlie beads
2011-07-28, 7:02am
Yes! Howaco (Jamie Lynn) is awsome!!! I love how I can buy single rods of colors I haven't tried before to see if I like them first. Never had a broken rod because she always packs so well and I always have my glass within a week. I just ordered glass and soon I'll be stalking my mail man! Its like Christmas or something!!! LOL

2011-07-29, 5:00pm
Thank you ladies!!

Your Fusion is already on its way.

Thanks again and have a great weekend! :wave:

2011-07-29, 11:50pm
I just ordered a couple of weeks ago for the first time and am SO please with the shipping time, packing and the glass itself. Thanks very much for superior service!

Mitosis Glass
2011-07-30, 6:55am
Isn't she the best? I get most of my glass locally but when I have sent away for glass I shop at Howaco. The customer service is top notch!

2011-08-03, 4:05pm
Jamey's the best! I've been shopping on her site for a looong time. :)