View Full Interactive Version Of This Page : What are your favorite Iron Mountain Blends?

2011-08-07, 5:18pm
I'm trying to figure out what people's favorite blends are out of all of the Iron Mountain and Mintleaf blends that I carry. What are your favorites? No limits!

Elizabeth Beads
2011-08-07, 5:43pm
It would be easier to answer that if I could look at them .. I know I like Grapevines and Wicked Lovely ....

2011-08-07, 5:50pm
I went to look at them and they are not on your site ???:(

2011-08-07, 6:02pm
I went to look at them and they are not on your site ???:(

There not on her site because she is updating it and no orders can be made right now.

stewart castle
2011-08-07, 7:03pm
Iron Mountain Raku--hands down! I LOVE this frit. Is my go to for so many beads!

2011-08-14, 6:37am
Do I HAVE to pick one????

2011-08-14, 9:16am
Can you post some sample beads of your Mint Leaf Frit Series?

I checked your website but I only found each frit of the series in the jar. This unfortunately, doesn't necessarily give one colors of the frit when heated onto, for ex., a white base. What do you think?