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Spicy Beads
2011-08-11, 2:57pm
Hi, there,
I'm a German beadmaker and travelling along the East Coast (Key West to New York). Are there any stores along the coast selling tools, glass rods (COE 104) etc. I'd like to buy some nice souvenirs :razz: to take home. Flametree Glass in Atlanta is to far off. Any suggestions where to find a list of full service retailers is highly appreciated as well as positve personal experiences with any shops. Thank you in advance and greetings from Germany, Spicy Beads.
P.S.: Starting my trip this Sunday.

2011-08-11, 3:13pm
There are a few in the Virginia/DC/Maryland area. I'm sure others will chime in as well. Lorton Workhouse for the Arts has a small shop but does have space for open torch on Wednesdays if you'd like to get some torch time in. In Maryland there is Vitrum Studios in Laurel that sells glass (sheets and rods) and is a cool place. Also in Maryland is Wiesser Glass Studio in Kensington - also sells glass (sheets and rods) and is run by a local glass artist. Very different atmosphere in all three and I like them all for different reasons. Hope that helps. PM me when you're in the area if you have any questions.

ETA - all three also have tools etc. The MD locations both sell kilns and other supplies for fusing and stained glass.

2011-08-11, 5:53pm
In addition to the above:

Wale Apparatus is in Bethlehem, PA. Not too far off the beaten track if you are going to NY. The carry a full line of lampworking items.

R4 Studios has a shop that I'd love to go to but can't remember the exact location. I think it is called Art Glass House. He has super prices and awesome to work with.

2011-08-11, 6:29pm
They're in Cocoa, FL. I want to go in person some day, looks like a wonderful place!
The phone # is 800-525-8009
They're not open on the weekends as far as I heard.

Spicy Beads
2011-08-11, 11:49pm
@ jeanne: wow, I'm amazed, so many places to go in the north coast area. I won't have any torch in time, unfortunately. - But enough time to stroll around and get some nice tools and rods, particularly silver glass (Northstar Precisision COE 104). Thank you for the many references and your offer to contact you. Greets from Germany, Kerstin
@Laura: we will definitely visit Lancaster County, and I hope the worldbest-husband-and-kids (mostly) feel like going another 60 miles up to Hellertown, probably they'd rather like to go to Hersheys;)) I'm also a little concerned about the limited opening hours (only 'til 1:30PM). Is Art Glass House the same as Rocio Studios in Cocoa Beach, FL? I'll stop by there. Laura, I love your pendants, they are beautiful! Thank you too and greets, Kerstin.
@Eileen: I'll make sure to to visit them on weekdays!!! Greets to you, Kerstin.

2011-08-12, 8:46am
It's a beautiful drive to Hellerton......

enjoy and welcome to the states!


2011-08-12, 9:18am
Art Glass House is super! Talk to Ron Bearer, he'll be able to help you. It's in Cocoa, FL not Cocoa Beach; they are actually two different towns. The shop is right off of US 1.

2011-08-12, 9:36am

I pmed you with LOTS of information concerning Rocio Studios.

I hope you do make it there because I'm certain you will have a wonderful time meeting Rocio and Ron. Also, they have a large selection of Precision Silver Glass COE 104.

I wish you the best of luck with your travels!

2011-08-12, 10:39am
Kerstin ... Thank you for your compliments on my pendants.

I would consider the R4 Studios/Art Glass House the must stop visit. Vitrum Studios in Beltsville, MD, is all Bullseye (90 COE) so if that doesn't interest you ... don't go out of your way. They do have a small selection of tools and kilns as well though ... and lots of beautiful sheet glass that I've been known to buy and cut in strips to make beads out of!!

And yup the kids will probably love Hershey ... make sure to go through Chocolate World, it's free unless you do the 3-D show ... and the best part they give you samples of new goodies coming out at the end!!!

2011-08-12, 1:08pm
Art Glass House has a very large selection of tools and glass. Fun place to go.
Talk to Ron Jr.

Spicy Beads
2011-08-12, 1:56pm
Thank you everybody!!!
I am very excited now to visit Ron and Rocio at Art Glass House. I've just thrown out unnecessary stuff of my suitcase (what do I need 6 pairs of shoes when I can instead fill up the space with nice tools and glass rods? - Worth the excess baggage costs!;)).
Joy is always in the forecast!
Greetings from Germany, Kerstin.

2011-08-12, 4:19pm
You can ship, too, so you don't have to carry. Lucky you.....what a great road trip. Art Glass House is on my list of places to go!
happy happy joy joy!


2011-08-15, 1:55pm
Mountain Glass Art is in Asheville. Very nice folks.

2011-08-15, 5:32pm
You can't beat Judith Conway @ Vitrum for great customer service!

2011-08-15, 5:51pm
Go to Corning NY not alot of supplyers there but oh my the glass history there. spend a day on market street a day at the corning glass museum. You will be glad you did.

Spicy Beads
2011-08-17, 5:21am
you've been so helpful with your references - finally I made it to Palm Bay and want to visit the shop in Cocoa. Now I'm a bit confused. There are two locations listed in this thread: Art Glass House and R4/Rocio's Studio. Are they the same? There are two diffrent addresses listed. Do they have the same owner (Ron and Rocio bearer)? I'm so grateful for your help! Thank you all, greetings, Kerstin.

P.S.: Can't wait to go there - pretty excited!!!!!:razz:

Spicy Beads
2011-08-20, 4:49pm
I was there: Art Glas House and Rocio's Studio. I was very much impressed about the wide selection of glasses they offer. The very nice girl of Art Glass House said: this is like a candy store just without the calories - and yes, she's absolutely right! Service was excellent! Rocio has a very nice studio with 8 working places, all well equipped with a creation station, as well as good ventilation and A/C in the studio. She gives classes and also invites international artists (e.g. Claudia Pagel in November). Rocio makes beautiful beads! I bought some DH, Northstar glas rods, murrinis and her e-book. Ron and Rocio are very nice people and it was a pleasure to meet both of them. I hope I'll come back soon.
Thanks to all for being so helpful, lots of greetings, Kerstin (now on the Outer Banks):waving::waving::waving:

2011-08-25, 7:15pm
Kerstin, I hope you've come north of the outer banks.....what an "interesting" time for you to visit the northeast.