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2012-04-06, 4:44pm
Hi Guys I just wanted to thank you so much for your really quick order fullfilment.
when I called and let you know we where desperate for a replacment kiln as we have a show comming up you guys promised you could build a kiln and get it out quickly.
well I got the shipping notice and tracking number today.
I am looking forward to using the new kiln.
Thank you!

2012-04-10, 3:25am
ETA: There used to be a Spam post right above this that basically took Margan's words and changed the wording to infer that a company that distributes fake purses sent Morgan a kiln in amazing speed.

Lol. Funniest spam post ever!

Ps. I agree that Glass Hive rocks!

2012-04-10, 2:01pm
spam post? when I placed the order Pam called back and said there was a 4 week backlog.
Yes we were down to one kiln wich is a real pain in the but when two people need it one for soft glass beads and the other for boro work.,other places selling similar kilns where all drop ship and going to be about the same time.
So yes when I explained the situation to Pam and that Mike had said two weeks they came through for me and I now have my new glass hive kiln in the shop in time for a week and a half full production before our show.
I am glad you where amused but it was sure not funny here

2012-04-11, 8:15am
Morgan, there was a spam post right after you, cori removed it.
Thank you for the kind words.


2012-04-11, 8:34am
Morgan - Sent you a PM. :)

2012-04-11, 10:56am
Ok Thanks
Hey Mike Cori suggested in the PM a coach kiln, I was thinking if you could figure out how to make a portable soft Bead annealer in a purse you would sell out quickly :-)

2012-04-13, 9:57am
LOL! The purse kiln... now you are no longer board while waiting for that soccer practice to end, you are still creating product on the go! Hmm, Wonder which designer is using high temp Kevlar on the runway this season? If we could swing that, even I would start to carry a purse ;)

Morgan, so glad we were able to help you get going faster for the show. Hope it is a great one!