View Full Interactive Version Of This Page : How to display ring tops at shows

2012-04-13, 4:43am
Any suggestions out there for ways to display ring tops at shows?

2012-04-13, 3:56pm
I've just ordered some trays with separate insert dividers from my tame little chinese man lol. Each tray holds 24 pieces. I have also ordered some 8mm long screws to fit the nuts on my toppers. I plan to punch a hole in the centre of each of the 24 squares, pop a screw through from the back, and screw my topper down. This way, they will stay centred, look neat, and also be a bit safer from light fingers. The trays stack, so setting up and breaking down at shows should be a cinch, I hope :-) Jennie

2012-04-13, 4:15pm
I really like this idea!!

2012-04-13, 4:24pm
Thanks, Jennie! Great idea!

2012-04-13, 4:57pm
No worries. This is similar to what I'm getting. This is a US company, so good for you guys. I went to China 'cos it's cheaper for me with shipping to Aus. The price from this US company is good though, a tray and liner costs around $4 which I think is a good deal.

Jennie :)