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2012-07-11, 1:36am

I need to order some glass...

Looking for a vendor who-

* Sells Effetre carnelian 536
* Sells Thompson enamel (I need green 9320)
* Accepts PayPal
* Will ship via First Class or Priority (if it's cheaper and the order can fit in the flat rate box), otherwise I'll probably be charged a tax here to get the package and I want to avoid that...

Can you help? Are you the vendor I'm looking for?


2012-07-11, 8:01am
I'm not the vendor you are looking for, just wanted to tell you that your beads and jewelry are BEAUTIFUL!

2012-07-11, 8:04am
Have you tried Sundance, Arrow Springs, Moretti and More?

2012-07-11, 3:55pm

Of the three you mentioned I had only tried Arrow Springs- just heard back, they don't carry carnelian anymore :(

I also called the local supplier here, and they don't carry it anymore either, they checked in their 2 other stores and they have none left.

Why could it be? Carnelian is such an awesome awesome glass, what will I do without carnelian? :(

Anyway, I just found a vendor who had both items I needed so I ordered, I think I should work on my stash of carnelian in case it becomes some hard-to-get glass!!!

2012-07-11, 8:32pm
Howaco has carnelian I think

2012-07-12, 11:03am
Art Glass House has Carnelian

2012-07-12, 1:11pm
The Mandrel has carnelian and Donna might also have the green enamel too.

2012-07-12, 1:47pm
Art Glass House has Carnelian

Thanks! Link saved for future reference, and your current price is great too!
Do you sell Thompson enamels?..

The Mandrel has carnelian and Donna might also have the green enamel too.

Indeed, both are already on their way! I ordered, paid, went to take a shower and watched a TV show- when I was back on the computer the order had already been shipped :)

2012-07-12, 5:01pm
:) I'm glad I was able to help you out Meital!

And thank you Susan for recommending me.