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2012-09-08, 9:29pm
I have been wanting to make a few tutorials that can be sent by email in a PDF file. But I have no idea how to do this.
Is there anyone out there that can give me some advice on this? What program do I need to make a PDF file that can hold pictures and word explanations below the pictures?
Any tips on making a tutorial would be great too!
Thank you so much!

2012-09-08, 9:43pm
I had to help Carol do one for school and used this

2012-09-08, 9:53pm
Ooo, that's a nifty tool, David! :)

I figured out how to save my Word Doc as a PDF file - you actually do it through the "Print" menu. I think it depends on how old your computer and programs are, but check in the drop down menu of your Print options and see if there's a "PDF" option listed. If so, maybe that will work for you. If you select it and save, KEEP your word doc too...when you go to save as PDF, give it another name and that way you'll have both in case you need to do any last minute edits or corrections. Also, if you have this option, know that when you create the PDF - even though it's through the Print Options - it doesn't actually print! It just saves it on your computer or desktop - wherever you tell it to be saved...

2012-09-08, 10:23pm
Check to see if:
When you select save as, under file type pdf is an option. If so just do that.
Check if you have Adobe Acrobat on your computer. Not the reader, but the full version if not you can buy it.
If you would like to send me the file, I am happy to convert it for you or I am sure one of your friends will do the same.

I would use Microsoft publisher to create the tutorial in.

My next choice would be Microsoft Word and I would use invisible border tables so that I can place my stuff exactly where I want it. For example you can write a paragraph, then insert a table of one row, 2 columns, insert your image in one cell then text in the other, and reapeat as necessary. I use lots of tables

PM me if you need more instructions on this.

2012-09-08, 11:10pm
Scribus is a free program that can be used to make a PDF. See attachment for a sample that was done utilizing this program. And the output compression can be selected to keep the PDF as small as necessary.

Also, as indicated above, Word can be used and then converted to a PDF. A nice add on to PRINT a PDF is to use Cute PDF Writer. It acts as a printer and converters the document to a PDF from Word or other programs.

Some also like to use Excel as it is easier to use for text and image placement in comparison to Word.

Scribus and Cute PDF are both free.

2012-09-09, 8:55am
I use PrimoPDF

It lets you convert anything you can print to PDF and it is free. I've used it for work, tutorials, etc.

2012-09-09, 9:21am
Wow, thank you guys so much! Several routes I will check out with the info everyone provided! I really appreciate it!
I did check and I have Microsoft word starter on my laptop, and it did have a drop down save selection of PDF! I am going to experiment with that and I hope it works!
Thank you so much!!!

2012-09-09, 11:35am
I have used and really like Scribus. Very short and shallow learning curve and does marvelous things. It also links to GIMP and other tools. And its free.