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2007-03-09, 4:33pm
I have uploaded a video of me making a marble using my GTT Mirage. I make a modest marble using the dot implosion (or is it compression), technique. It is long @30 minutes.

Modest Marble - The Movie ( is fearured on my main page.

I mounted the camera and headset microphone on the insides of a welding helmet that I took apart. So the video is shot from my right eye perspective.

If you do watch it please leave me a comment and/or rank it, on the youtube site. It is all the reward (or punishment) I get.

I hope you have as much fun watching it as I did making it.


2007-03-09, 4:40pm
Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive (live) ( 2006, is where I got the idea to mount all the stuff on my head. I am not going to show you a picture of me in the gear so you will just have to settle for looking at Thomas Dolby's set-up.

I am soooooo happy to see Thomas back in the business. I was a huge fan back in the day. :cool:


2007-03-11, 7:17am
good video. why do you wear gloves? wow, your 45?

2007-03-11, 8:20am
Loved the video!

2007-03-11, 8:27am
Great video! Thanks

2007-03-11, 8:36am
Yep - I am 45. Believe me, I am more surprised than you.....

I find gloves more comfortable for my hands. For some reason the radiant heat from the glass and the torch hurts my skin. Maybe my skin is just getting thin.

I know most folks don't use and don't like to wear gloves but I like them. They are very thin leather and work for me. I thought about not wearing them when I was filming but decided to go ahead and video the way I work.

2007-03-11, 9:01am
Love your videos Ross.:) I send people over to watch them when they are looking for tutorials.

40's sneak up on you when your not looking!!

2007-03-13, 1:13pm
Just out of curiosity... Why do you run the outer flame the whole time?

Of course, that would explain the need for the sleeves and gloves....

2007-03-13, 4:13pm
Just out of curiosity... Why do you run the outer flame the whole time?

Of course, that would explain the need for the sleeves and gloves....

Well, I use the gloves even with my Barracuda's inner fire so I think it might just be comfortable for me to work that way. My glove are getting a bit warn, but initially they are tight and I keep them a bit damp. I shed a few layers in the summer but it is plenty cool here with the ventilation going.

I ran the outer fire I guess, for several reasons. I was trying to work fast so the video wouldn't be too long. Maybe it isn't actually any faster but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
I have only had the torch for a couple of weeks and I am enamored with the power... It is just kind of cool having that big ol' flame there.
I suppose I was just having fun at the expense of O2 and fuel.
The other thing is I am the only one in the studio when I am taping so I do everything myself. It is a lot of multitasking and turning the outer flame on and off and readjusting it was more than I wanted to take on. Now if you want to donate a pedal....... :D

I think the real feat was the headset camera. I spent weeks trying to mount the camera on a stand and reach around it. I just couldn't get it to work with the bigger torches like I do with the Minor.

Thanks for asking Cosmo.


Sharon Abood
2007-03-15, 2:14pm
Hi Ross, I love your videos. The marble video is great. You said you just got your new torch. What did you have to work your boro with before that? I have a minor and have only worked soft glass with it. I am just itching to try boro but not ready to buy a new torch quiet yet.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

2007-03-15, 3:10pm
Hi Sharon

I have been working on a Barracuda for the last two years. I personally love the torch but I wanted something to let me work bigger and hotter. I also have a Minor that I still use every week for my soft-glass beads. I've had that one for five or six years.

I really like your Gandhi quote. I am trying to make the videos I want to watch. So I suppose, in my own way, I am being the change I want to see.


2007-03-17, 11:13am
thanks for the video!!!!

2007-04-01, 9:43pm
Wow Ross. I can't wait to get a mirage!