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2014-07-04, 12:50pm
I have a question re: regulators... What do I do with them?? :) Ok, my question is a bit more involved...

I am in the process of setting up my studio now that we are living in Panama. I have a Nortel Minor torch and am now using tanked oxygen (I couldn't travel with my VERY HEAVY oxygen concentrator!). I have never fully understood where I needed to set the propane regulator to and I DEFINITELY have no idea what to set the oxygen regulator to...

Any insight would be most appreciated (thought I would try here before asking it to google...).


2014-07-04, 11:37pm
if you have the original paperwork from your torch it should have the recommended PSI settings for fuel usually around 5 psi and oxygen any where from 5-10psi for that size torch

Dale M.
2014-07-05, 5:32am
General rule is to set fuel pressure regulator to about 1/3 to 1/2 the pressure you set oxygen regulator... For example if you use oxygen at about 15psi you propane (fuel ) should be about 5 to 7psi...


2014-07-06, 6:43pm
Great - thanks so much Morgan and Dale! I do not have the original paperwork for the torch as I got it 2nd hand, but that is easy enough to find!