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2016-01-03, 4:14pm
I've done some research here on the old/new edp (Effetre 254) and the last batch I got is a very dull pink even over opal yellow. I used to be able to get a great reaction with oy, edp and copper green but now it's just washed out. Any advice as to what I can use instead? Is there a 104 purple that might actually stay purple when used over oy?

Three Muses Glass
2016-01-03, 4:34pm
That's not very good news. :( You could try New Violet but it's very much a different animal. The reactions are good with OY, CG and rubino too.
These are all 4 of those colors.

2016-01-03, 4:49pm
You might try Reichenbach Purple Rose.....I don't have photos to show, but it's a really nice purple.
ETA: The Lilac is nice too, although it's more blue.

I would have sworn that Olympics website had pictures, but they're not there now :(

2016-01-03, 5:02pm
Rebecca, in what order did you use those colors? I am facinated by opal yellow!

2016-01-03, 6:13pm
I just wonder if my Opal Yellow is part of the problem ... it came in almost stringer size and seems to just sit there, not reacting to anything. Maybe it's time to get a new batch or has that gone to the crapper too????

2016-01-03, 6:56pm
I like the older Opal Yellow better...

2016-01-03, 6:58pm
I like the older Opal Yellow better...

But where can I still get it??? (without paying a astronomical amount)

2016-01-03, 7:13pm
Don't know.

Three Muses Glass
2016-01-04, 7:16am
Rebecca, in what order did you use those colors? I am facinated by opal yellow!

Pretty much all at once except for the CG dots.

2016-01-04, 1:23pm
You guys are the best!!! You always have the answer and in this case it is .... wait for it ... wait for it ... not edp but PURPLE ROSE!!! It's a beautiful "purple" and not pink. Thanks everyone for your input! It is greatly appreciated!!

And continue with ideas to try ....

2016-01-04, 2:27pm
Also, you can sometimes get what you want by listing an ISO (in search of) in the garage sale section of LE. Just a thought.