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2016-03-29, 3:12pm
I am looking for one of these. I found them from a foreign source but they will not ship to the US. Any help would be appreciated.

2016-03-30, 10:50am
I would be interested, too!

2016-03-30, 2:27pm
I would be interested too!

Frit Diva
2016-04-01, 6:40am
Frogee, do you remember how much were they charging for this? It looks pretty simple to make in a well-equipped wood shop. .....(famous last words).....

2016-04-01, 7:20am
It was about $25, I think they would be pretty easy to make you would just have to make sure what ever glue you used would not hate the heat. I contact cg beads to see if it would something she would think about making. I know my husband could do it just worried about the glue. It was so handy when I took a class with Claudia she had one and it was really nice!

2016-04-01, 6:52pm
I have used this to glue the same thing marver pad on a metal pedestal and it survived pretty well:

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2016-04-02, 5:14pm
Maybe. Will try that!