View Full Interactive Version Of This Page : leather necklace/chockers??

2006-07-25, 5:15am
hi i am looking for some of these necklaces, don't know if they are sold like this or you have to make them? but i am looking for a place to buy a large quanity. please advice! thanks
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2006-07-25, 6:35am
Leather? Or waxed cotton?

I saw waxed cotton on eBay being sold by the manufacturer couple of weeks ago.

Loads of different colours.

If you're interested, pm me and that will remind me to look it up for you.


2006-07-25, 9:25am
Hi Jeff!

Do you want sterling or base or ? Rio has some of these premade or I simply bought stuff to make my own and ended up using slightly different clasps. I found I preferred a type of small crimp rather than end caps that you have to glue but I have several kinds. Do you want the neclaces only in black - different colors? any of thoughts? Let me know and I'll send you some leads.


PS - I was presuming these are leather