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2017-06-21, 9:05pm
Can a 10 LPM oxygen concentrator be super charged to output up to 40 LPM if you were to swap out the Oxygen Compressor with a higher capacity pump?

Could the rest of the system handle it?

2017-06-22, 1:32am
In order to get a larger volume of oxygen out you will need to increase the size of the zeolite canisters.

The zeolite is already producing 96% pure oxygen and increasing the pressure is not going to change it much.
You could possibly increase the purity to 97% but the volume output is going to stay the same so the liters per minute is not going to change.

In order to change the volume you will need larger canisters of zeolite and those will then require a compressor that can produce more volume at the same pressure.

So the in my opinion the answer to your question is no, changing the size of the compressor alone wont change the output volume at all.

Nor will changing the pressure of the compressor change much beside increasing the purity level by an amount too small to actually notice.

There are adjustments within the thing that can get one or two liters more per minute out of it but you are then running it at the maximum limits of its capacity and will only be shortening the life span of the unit. Burning it out before it needs to die on you.

Its kind of like driving your car in its highest gear all the time.
The speed limits will keep you from getting anywhere any faster ( equivalent to the size of the canisters of zeolite ) but your engine can run at 7 thousand RPM in 6th gear even if the car is only doing 35 but all you are doing is burning up the engine.

There are machines that are designed to put out the volume you are looking for but souping up a medical unit won't be worth the costs.

Granted, you could spend half the cost of a 50 lpm machine buying 10 used 5 lpm machines and gang them together but that is not the question you asked.

Edited to Add: Please also remember that when dealing with pure or near pure oxygen; any petroleum products, greases, oils or contaminants will spontaneously combust in the presence of high purity oxygen.
The stuff burns so fast that it can actually explode like a hand grenade and send metal shrapnel out in a sphere shredding everything in its path.
There is a good reason oxygen components are a bit spendy because they are certified to have been cleaned to remove ALL oils and greases used in cutting and shaping the metal parts.

Stay safe.

2017-06-22, 5:54pm
The oil-less pump only runs at about 26 PSI @ 136 LPM. I was looking for something to run at least 40 LPM, but cannot seem to find anyone who sells 40 LPM concentrators. And wherever I look everyone is out of 10 LPM units.