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Just Nancy
2006-08-15, 6:15pm
not through the side wall. Does anyone know if anyone sells one ready made this way?

2006-08-15, 7:35pm
Hi Nancy. Do you mean one that vents through the ceiling/roof? I have mine going out the window, which we broke the glass out of, but if you're up to the work, I think you can vent them anywhere you like, eh? I'm on a quest for a quiet, but strong one. Love, Helen

2006-08-15, 8:23pm
I would call Glasscraft if you like their hood. I have one and love it, and I think they might assemble one for you that vents up instead of to the side. It definitelywon't hurt to ask them. They are super nice!!!;)

2006-08-15, 11:32pm
Depends on the hood. There are both kinds - vented sideways and through the roof. Right now I can't think of whose got a good website - although a few years ago Abt Appliances (located outside Chicago) had a big variety. You can also do a web search. Offhand, Braun, Viking, Thermador come to mind. I know that there are a lot more manufacturers than I thought.

There was also some website that sold NOTHING but exhaust fans and they sure had a lot of them and many different manufacturers.

Just Nancy
2006-08-16, 4:42am
Yes, I meant up as in through the ceiling. I didn't want to have to buy more cfm to compensate for the right angle in the duct work if I didn't have to. (Or do the math to make sure I'd bought enough to make up for it.) Glasscraft and the other supplier I had hoped to use only list through the wall. I'll check to see if Glasscraft can make the change.

Same thinking on why I was trying to stay away from the range exhausts. I didn't want to have to modify the duct work as suggested by our safety gurus. (8 or 10")

I was also concerned because I'd seen mention of using a fan for this hot of air so the fan (or motor?) didn't eventually give out (melt?) from the heat. No clue where I got that in my mind, not saying it was the safety guys.

2006-08-21, 1:19am
what's the quitest you can find? the noise from most fan's drives me insane... anyone know of a quite one??

I mean literally the noise level is just right that I can't even sleep with one on unless I have headphones with music lightly playing.. and hotels?? I'll risk an accident in the dark in order NOT to turn the fan light on..

2006-08-21, 5:33am
Checkout the Grainger website.
They have all types, sizes, and cfm's.