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2006-09-04, 7:24am
Hi folks!

So I'm gearing up to start working with Boro but I won't be working it exclusively. I'm pretty sure that I will be working with soft(er) glass during the torching session.

My question do I adjust my annealing schedule and garaging temps to accommodate both types of glass? Or am I SOL and need to work each type separately?

I'm pretty sure I read that this was being done but it's Monday morning and my brain refuses to even try to comprehend how this might be done :D

Any help is greatly appreciated.


2006-09-04, 7:45am
I work both at times, just do my Boro work first and set to garage kiln at 1050 when I am done with the boro I strike for about 30 mins at 1100, I will then ramp it down to 965 (about an hour maybe a little longer), I can then hold that temp work on some moretti then ramp down as I usually do for the moretti.


2006-09-04, 9:02am
Yep, what Dave said :)

2006-09-04, 9:25pm
Thats exactly what I do!!! Boro first Moretti last

2006-09-06, 9:37am