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2006-10-18, 8:54pm
The New Posts link in the top navigation bar now excludes the three Back Alley forums (Woodshed, Bedroom, Bathroom) by default. If you prefer the old behavior which includes those forums, just create a bookmark or favorite in your web browser which goes to this URL:

If you want to choose which forums are excluded from your link, see this post for more info: 230532

2006-10-18, 8:56pm
Jason, YOU ROCK.

I could kiss the ground you walk on. YAY!

2006-10-19, 6:21am
Nice work, Jason!

2006-10-19, 7:11pm
Is anyone else having trouble making it work? For me, it just comes up 'sorry, no new posts'.

2006-10-19, 7:18pm
try it this way. Save a page of to your favorites by right clicking and adding. Then click on favorites so they are listed on the left side of your browser page. Right click on the link and click on properties. Then paste the string Jason has above into the properties area and it should work when you click on it. if you have any problems setting it up, let me know and I will try to help :)

2006-10-19, 7:30pm
I would prefer to have the games threads not come up.

2006-10-19, 7:34pm
you can set that up if you can figure out the forum number for the game room. If you will look at the code for new searches (should pop up at the bottom of your screen) you will see that is set up as "get new & exclude 36, 42, 60". If you can figure out the forum number, you can just add it to the code and cut and paste it into your shortcut.

Lemme see what I can do

2006-10-19, 7:36pm
ok - the game room is forum 28 - try pasting this code into your favorites link:


see if that works

remove the blanks from the middle of the word lampwork - I had to add them to keep it from shortening my link

2006-10-19, 7:40pm
you can do this to leave off any forum you don't want to see - just need to get the number for the forum. If anyone wants to know a forum number and needs help, just let me know :)

2006-10-21, 7:57pm
This is all excellent! thanks a bunch!!!!


2006-10-21, 8:28pm
Thank you, Squid, I think I've done it! I hope so anyway, but since I am computer challenged, I can honestly say, 'Thank you, I couldn't have done it without you!!!!' You are one good person.

2006-10-21, 9:54pm
Why thank you :)

2006-10-28, 9:33am
I want to make a new post--Have done it befor, but can't find the area now. Where do I go to make a new post? Jan

2006-10-28, 9:36am
Never mind--think I just figured it out--Jan