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2005-09-02, 1:11pm
I just wanted to thank Kalera for her fantastic job of wrapping glass. She's the only vendor I've bought from that has gotten everything here in one piece. Not only does she do a great job of packing it arrives in record time.

I'm one happy lamper. Thanks =D> =D> =D>

2005-09-05, 5:46pm
Hi Cindy -- Where is Bridgetown Glass? I haven't heard of it.

Thanks, Carol

2005-09-05, 7:30pm
Hi Cindy -- Where is Bridgetown Glass?

Bridgetown Glass is Kalera Stratton, and located in Portland, OR (City of Roses and many bridges!)
Bridgetown Glass (To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.)
Portland Bridges (To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.)

I also wanted to chime in on the great customer service -- my order was perfect! Thanks, Kalera!


2005-09-06, 3:36am
Thankx Gals -- I'll check it out. I'm on the East Coast.....but......


2005-09-06, 3:55am was super fast shipping. I'm in Florida, ordered on Monday 8/29 and received it on Thursday 9/1. No breakage. It takes a little bit to get into your bundles, but it's worth it to have whole rods. You can also order as little as 1 rod, she has all the BE lusters and lots of odds. (hey, that rhymes).

2005-09-06, 10:09am
Thanks, Cindy! :-D

2005-09-07, 1:19pm
ditto to the remarks of others!!! Iffin' ya want some BE to play with Kalera is your SOURCE!!! she always has the colors!!!!

2005-09-22, 12:17pm
Just got my order today and I'm a happy girl! LOVE the new business card too!


2005-09-24, 7:20am
Thanks Kalera! Your service is excellent and I had to strong arm my way into the glass so I can see why nothing gets broken! The colors are so luscious!


2005-10-17, 3:48pm
Oooh, I just put my order in and you all have me even more excited than I was!!! I am sooo looking forward to getting this glass:)

2005-10-21, 5:47pm
Kalera...I got my glass today and everything is absolutely PERFECT!!! The wrapping was wonderful and dang must own stock in a rubber band company, lol.

Thanks so much and oh, I soooo love these Bullseye colors, I want more, more, more...uh oh!

2005-10-30, 10:48am
OMG you guys are GREAT! Thank you so much!

Lol rubber band company! Hehehehe... I'm just paranoid. There's nothing sadder than broken glass, IMO!

2005-11-12, 10:03pm
Hey Kalera,

I received my glass today. I didn't order a lot, this is the first time I've used bullseye, but have wanted to try it for awhile. I finally HAD to order some for the wine (champagne) glass challenge at Peg's. I have to tell you that my 7 year old son was THRILLED with the rubber bands around the glass (he wears them like bracelets). I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I'm looking forward to it, and have this feeling I will be hooked, especially after looking at all the colors.

Thanks Kalera & Breezy!!


2005-11-12, 10:19pm
I have been pacing back and forth at the Bridgetown Glass site all week, I am so lusting over some of that BE Amber Luster....and needing more French Vanilla...and wanting many other colors, but am low on dough at the I will continue to look and drool for the time being...

I bought some Spectrum glass from Kalera last year and it was a most delightful experience. Bravo Girl! =D>

2005-11-13, 6:18am
This thread makes my night... sitting here all sick and I get to come in here and see your praise, and it makes me smile! :D

Thank you! :love: :love: :love:

2005-11-13, 1:00pm
I also decided to try my hand at Bullseye, and received my first small order last week. Hooray! I'm soooooo pleased with it I've ordered more! (Spent all my birthday money on it, hehe, what fun!) Here's my first Bullseye set that I'm so happy with...the color reminds me of lime popsicles! Mmmmmmm! :-D
I'll be back again & again...feel better, Kalera! :love:

2006-01-06, 9:31pm
I got my order today, and I ordered less than a week ago. It was beautifully packed, and everything was labelled so I can tell what's what. Outstanding! Thanks Kalera and Breezy, very much!

\\:D/ \\:D/ \\:D/

2006-01-06, 9:54pm

I'm positively glowing here, guys! Thank you!!!

2006-01-06, 9:55pm
Also, I have great news for those who have asked... I am FINALLY not sick any more, AND my former rental house finally sold! I am so so happy to not have to stress about that any more!