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Rose Leslie
2006-11-07, 7:26pm
I might have the wrong forum for this. What type of chair do you all work in? I have a swivel bar stool that I'm going to replace. Is there any thing that you all like that is better than any thing else out there? I'm wondering what is comfortable and also good for the back.

2006-11-07, 7:49pm
I bought a drafting chair at staples. It is a regular chair style with a back and is adjustable in a bunch of different ways. I think it was about 150$ I was working at a countertop height table and this was the only chair I could find that was remotely comfortable. now that I am down to regular table height, I use a kitchen chair :)

2006-11-07, 8:30pm
I'm in a rolling desk chair. I got it when the company I was working for decided to go out of business. They let me buy a few things I thought might come in handy around here. :)

2006-11-07, 10:40pm
I use one of those weird little kneely chairs that has no back, but has a place for your butt and a place for your knees. Given the opportunity, I will slouch, and this is the only chair that put my back in the right position. It was only a little weird to get used to, and now I don't think about it. (I think the pressure point is actually on the lower leg slightly below the kneecap -- I'm thinking of this because I fell hard about a month ago [on a handicap ramp, of all things -- years ago I hurt myself at a spa, and now I fell on a handicap ramp] right on my kneecap, and the kneely chair doesn't hurt it.) It has wheels so I can scoot back from the torch in a hurry if I need to. I got it at an office supply store -- Office Depot, I think.

2006-11-07, 11:05pm
I'm on a swivel bar stool type chair with a nice back and cushioned all the way up.Only problem is it is not on wheels to make a quick getaway,and the bottom of one is messed up from us trying to get the end cap off to add wheels,now it rocks.I'm looking into the drafting chair scene as soon as I stop buying
Margie :D

2006-11-08, 4:27am
I use an old computer chair on it.

2006-11-08, 5:48am
Here's my chairs
got them on . They are height adjustable, and I do tend to slouch, but they are so HOT looking I don't CARE!! hee hee!


Oh, and my studio is NOT that clean, I took the photo before I started torching!! And my 8 year old son has taken one of the chairs so he can work on his scroll saw...

Just Nancy
2006-11-09, 6:28am
I have one of the drafting type chairs. It looks like a desk chair with a back and arms and wheels but it goes up as high as my bench. (If I can get a picture without showing much of my studio I'll post.)

I really like it but I don't know how good it is for your back. Probably depends if you always sit back against the contoured back or lean forwards (then I'm guessing no chair is good).

I was worried about the fabric but had used chairs almost identical to these at Inspired Fire (Sharon Owen's Studio). I've only dropped hot glass on it once. So far it still looks just fine.

2006-11-09, 7:00am
I have this chair:

and this "pillow":

The combination works best for my back ... :grin:

2006-11-09, 9:11am
When I took a class at Corning, they used the most comfortable working chairs I've ever used. I'm saving up for one.

The company is, and the desk chair model is 4L57-R. (The ones at Corning were the drafting chair height.)

They're kind of pricey ($187 or so) but they're really comfortable and provide excellent back support. Plus, they're not covered in fabric.

2006-11-09, 5:10pm
I have a high workbench so I use a drafting chair on wheels. The back support is fine; no arms but I use a Creation Station. It seems to be pretty durable, and the seat is quite well padded and comfortable. Also, the footring adjusts so I can put it in the most comfortable place for my feet.

I think I got mine at Sam Flax, but most art supply stores have something similar.

2006-11-09, 6:04pm
the same day that i had an mri last wk, i got a steelcase 'think' chair (good thing cos i found out just how screwed up my back really is) and even tho its $$$$$$$$$$$$ i haven't regretted a dime of it cos i can sit ALL day and be comfortable and not messed up. i sit in it 8-10 hrs every day. its on rollers, has movable arms, adjustable back tension, seat cushion is adjustable for depth, of course ht adjustment. a GREAT chair.

Just Nancy
2006-11-09, 6:26pm
Here's a question. Any of you who sit for long periods of time get up and move around? I moved my kiln so I'd have to either roll or walk to it. I got worried about the leg clots associated with lack of movement.

(Sorry to hijack but it kind of ties in here.)

Rose Leslie
2006-11-09, 7:58pm
Good question. I have to get up at times. So that will help with the stress on the lower lumbar. The epidural is just to much to ask to set for the long of a time. So after about a half hour to an hour I have to get up. Also the nasty fur kids say move it fat lady. Then I have to let them out in the back yard to play. So it does help a bit. I still would love to have a very good chair. The one I have has a ripped cushion on the bottom and is older than the hills. Ever thing you all have posted looks good. Wish I could try some out.

2006-11-09, 8:09pm
you CAN try em out. go to a high end office supply/furniture store. any med sized city should have a couple. thats how i found out about and sat in my think chair. also tried an aeron and many others.

Just Nancy
2006-11-10, 6:28am
My chair came from a place like that. Only it was my dear mother doing the picking. She'd just found a chair with my father and she happened to remember I needed one.

I remember it was kind of expensive but I think it was more basic with just good foam than a really good chair.

2006-11-13, 8:26am
I usually don't torch for more than two or three hours on a given day. But I find that after an hour to an hour and a half, I have to shut off for a few minutes and get up from the chair to go pee and get something else to drink, and occasionally have a ciggie since I don't smoke in the house. That's enough to keep me from having problems.

2006-11-14, 1:14pm
I work standing most of the time. It's really odd, I work on my feet the whole day you'd think I'd be happy to sit, but I haven't found the right position with a chair!

2006-11-14, 3:22pm
I have a drafting chair, no arms, it gets high enough for our table. I g=found it for a great price on ebay (50.00) and bought two. As for the moving around, I also moved my kiln just out of reach so I get up between each bead.
Aloha, Chris