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Gail Joseph
2005-09-14, 2:59pm
Okay, the time has come to end the identity crisis!!! I never specifically call my cane by a name...Usually I call it "my handpulled cane" or "my cane pulled from Gaffer Batch"...From here on in I will be calling it .........

"GG Glass" (not a huge leap to come up with that one!! LOL).

So, for example, I'll now say things like "Gee lampworkers....get ready for some new colors of GG Glass which will be pulled in October!" ....

Or...."Hey Suzy, have you used any of the GG Glass I sent you?"

Or....."Check out Gail's favorite frit "Couldn't Be Bluer" on opal light blue GG Glass". Anyone think I need to get a life???? Happy torching!!!--Gail