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2007-01-23, 9:45am
I just received my Bluebird kiln. Turned it on last night, and smoke was issuing from it. Is this normal? Is the fiber inside supposed to smoke at first?
It got to about 650 degrees before I turned it off. Also, the bead door is now discolored. Is this normal?


2007-01-23, 11:09am
Hi Lee
I also have a new Bluebird kiln. The smoke and stinky smell your getting is from the binders used in the fiber blanket that lines the inside of the kiln. It will stink and be a little smokey the first few times you run it. The discoloring on the front is also normal. It is from the high heat coming out the edges of the doors while on. Go ahead and run it through a annealing cycle for 2-3 hours in a well vented area and that should get rid of most of the smoke and smell. You are going to love your new Bluebird kiln. ( when the smell is gone)


2007-01-23, 11:47am
This is the one thing that has always puzzled me about "other" kiln builders. Why don't they burn them in for at least one full annealing cycle?

It tests the unit electrically, it burns out the binders, and it gets rid of *most* of the stink.

2007-01-23, 12:47pm
And doesn't scare the end user!!!! Thanks to both for your messages!


2007-01-23, 7:11pm
Can you imagine the factory stench that would make if they burned them all out prior to shipping! PEW!!