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2007-01-23, 9:45am
:waving: Does anyone know about this model
DeVilbiss Sunrise Solaris
Seller states its 5 LPM and 10 PSI
o2 level is at 94%
This seems strange???

Dale M.
2007-01-23, 10:30am
Why?.... Typically oxy cons put out 94% to 98% oxygen.... The 94% may indicate unit is near end of life cycle and may need to have sieve beds replaced... Remember too, if you lower LPM kaybe4 oxygen content may go up some...It may be putting out 96% oxygen at 4 LPM, then maybe not...


2007-01-23, 10:53am
Dale, Thanks for posting the info. I went ahead and bought it already.
Seller stated it had 3000 hrs on it.
No worries, can't change it now.
Must melt glass!! LOL, MarieAnn