View Full Interactive Version Of This Page : Post office couldn't destroy my glass from LBsupply!

2007-03-15, 5:04pm
Though they tried :)

The box was seriously crunched on two corners, but the glass has no problems that I can see. Plus I'm thrilled with my free glass for buying as much as I did! And I only ordered it on the evening of the 12th!

Oh, and the sample of bead release, woo-hoo. I love fosterfire, and was getting so low on bead release it was sad and scary!

Thanks again, Jon!

NLC Beads
2007-03-15, 6:07pm
lbsupplys rocks - packing is always great. :)

2007-03-15, 9:11pm
Any ideas why the postal employees are so angry right now? That goes for UPS guys, too. The last few boxes I've gotten have been ... abused...violated, even.

2007-03-15, 11:49pm
In my past life I worked for the Post Office (12 years worth). The clerks sort packages by tossing them into huge bins. They are resorted at their destination again by being tossed into bins. If they can pick it up it gets tossed often crushing whatever is underneath if it isnt packed well. I send most everything UPS because of this very reason plus I can track it and they give you free insurance up to 100 dollars. The first package I ordered from LBSupply had a huge hole in it and most of the glass was broken.