View Full Interactive Version Of This Page : Pyronamix Gives GREAT Service

2007-03-26, 2:07pm
If you need a concentrator, she is the gal to go to. She knows her stuff and you will have your concentrator in no time. I bought my first one from her predecessor and it's still humming along. Now I wanted to add another one and Kimberly answered all my questions in depth and got me what I wanted at a reasonable price.

Thanks Kimberly/Pyronamix!!! :love:


2007-03-31, 9:04am
You're welcome and thank you, Rose! I really enjoyed talking to you and I appreciate your business!

2007-03-31, 10:03am
I second that!

She answered TONS of my questions when I was still just shopping around for concentrators and put up with me pestering her for days. =)

My oxycons got shipped really fast and I'm looking forward to playing with them this weekend!