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2007-04-11, 7:12pm
I want to buy glasses, and of course being a vain female, I want them to look cool, but also I want them to be light (the $40 model I tried in a class were heavy and kept slipping from my nose, but I suspect they were the large model). Being a human, I want them not too expensive, of course. Oh, and I want them to protect my eyesight too, by the way.
So, what's the difference between the Aur92 value plastic frame at $59 and the ACE 202 Downtown at $75ish, which come in BURGUNDY (how vain am I?)? I mean, which ones should I buy?

In case it matters, I work on a Hot Head, rarely more than 2 to 3 hours in a row, and not every day. I'm in front of a large slider window facing west with tons of light and I can't really torch in the afternoon. Would glasses help or not too much of a difference?

Thank you for your help!

2007-04-13, 6:28am
Soooo... nobody here willing to help me save my perfect 10/10 in style?

2007-04-13, 7:03am
I just ordered some from Arrowsprings -not bad 49.95 on sale right now reg price is $ 99 and muich lighter looking than those plastic ones ( I had the same trouble as you with them) the hardware store glasses won't give you the protection or the soda flare blocking.

2007-04-13, 7:58am
Thanks Sally! Going to check Arrow Springs right now!

2007-04-13, 8:00am
I love the glasses I got from Aura lens...check them out before you buy a pair.


2007-04-13, 8:02am
here's the link

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2007-04-13, 8:03am
Sunnyone, which ones did you get?

2007-04-15, 4:34pm

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sorry for the late post...havent been on!

2007-04-15, 6:40pm
If you are concerned with aesthetics, I would note this disclaimer on the auralens site:

"Due to circumstances beyond our control, from time to time it may be necessary to substitute similarly shaped or designed frames from the ones pictured here. The frames pictured are subject to change without notice."

2007-04-15, 8:02pm
:wtf: ???
Thanks for pointing at that... but maybe i'll take a chance anyway... it looks like everyone is so happy with their aur92

2007-04-16, 5:59am
I have found that website to be not very "user friendly" ~ lots of good info there but it takes so long to unearth it.
SunnyOne I have also wished for the "Ctrl Alt Delete" in real life but in the MAC world it's just "Command Z"!!!

2007-04-16, 6:12am
You also might try calling Glasscraft. I took a class there several months ago and bought a really sharp looking pair of glasses there. They had frames in smaller sizes and different colors. I think I paid around $50.00 for them. I checked their website and did not see them, but they may be able to help you over the phone.