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2007-04-13, 9:27pm
I've been told not to leave my oxycon out in the garage, because it causes build up in the seive bed, and would void my warranty. What kind of build up? When can I start leaving it outside? or Do I have to bring it in every time I'm finished torching? I live in MI. it's still only in the 40's, but what about when it's really hot and humid?

And do I still have to have ventilation when the garage door is opened and a window is opened, and the torch flame is blowing around? I'm temp. in the middle of the garage. I'll prolly be setting up in the back sometime in the near future, and will hook up a vent hood to go out the vent thingy in the garage. I can't use either sides of the garage, pools on both sides.
Thanks for reading.

2007-04-13, 10:17pm
I leave mine out and never have had a problem. I make sure the little vent is not covered with dust fromt the garage though weekly. I have the same problem with the wind blowing my flame sideways. I keep my garage door halfway closed and have a door screen that blocks one side of me to help keep the wind moving around as much. I hope to get my vent in this summer.

2007-04-13, 10:37pm
I leave my concentrators in garage and have now for 4 yrs. I live near Portland, OR so it doesn't get as cold as your area. I am having a new problem with one of my reconditioned concentrators so don't know if it is age or the fact that I have left them garaged?

But for 4 yrs there was not a problem.

I do think you need a vent system and advise you postpone silver foil/leaf, fuming, enamels, or reactive frits/glasses until you get one in place.

Theres still allot left to have fun with! Good luck on your new set up.