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2007-04-18, 8:33am
Can anyone point me in the direction of a lotus leaf tutorial? Or is this just so simple I should be able to figure it out my self? Trust me I am not having any luck there.

2007-04-19, 7:55am
No one? :(

2007-04-19, 8:33am
It would help to know what you are making and what type of glass and maybe how big. Inside pattern, outside pattern...... I think your question might just be too vague..

Marble, bead, sculptural? Borosilicate, soft-glass?

Any images of something similar??


2007-04-19, 8:45am
Just the leaf, or the flower, too? The leaf looks really simple. Just do a search on Water Lily. The flower looks a bit complex, but you could probably do it. You've got skilz! I'll give it a try later tonight.




2007-04-20, 6:58am
soft glass, bead size 8-12mm, design on the indside of the bead. I'm thinking it has to be similar to doing a striped bead but am having problems getting the point to the leaf and layering it. It's turning HUGE 24mm and not right.
Thanks Nette, I may have skills but right now I'm not sure if they are lampworking skills! :)

2007-04-20, 7:02am
I'm thinking it has to be some ind of variation on this:


These are beads done by Janelle I think and shown in the gallery a while ago.

2007-04-20, 7:14am
Maybe you mean the beads that look like a head of clover? Sort of like the beads above but with much smaller petals in larger quantities with bubbles on each one? I think Anastasia has made beads like that and I know I have seen an inquiry on those beads before. Just cant find the link. I dont think the person asking ever got an answer tho.

2007-04-20, 7:19am
Well damnit! It will just have to go on my list of things to experiment, experiment, experiment on! ;)

2007-04-20, 7:25am
Petal beads! Amy Trescott wrote a short tutorial:

Also, Loribeads made some super cute lily pad beads once and she posted a how to, but I can't find it. I know she used the fish scale technique for the flowers.

Found it!! Post 18 has the how to:

2007-04-20, 8:22am
Damn Nette! You are GOOD! That gives me a definite idea of where to go with this. Thanks Honey
Off to the torch to play!

2007-06-11, 9:43pm
Shawnette, can you help me find the links? They don't work:

You said: Petal beads! Amy Trescott wrote a short tutorial:

Thank you thank you thank you!!!


2007-06-13, 4:33am