View Full Interactive Version Of This Page : has anyone made knobs?

2007-05-22, 10:35am
any tips?
i have the mandrels and the inserts, but so far, i've had nasty results.
Plus..what's the right size for kitchen cabinets?

Can I see examples of lampwork knobs?

and.. noooo mister winkies please. ;)

dragon myst
2007-05-24, 9:38am
I haven't made any - look in LE Tut section and galley for information-
hope this helps

2007-05-24, 10:16am
If you are using screws and couplers, you want 8/32 for most common knobs. I compared drawers, cabinets, and a few pieces of furniture and found they all had the same size!

I've made them, but I usually give them away, LOL.

2007-05-24, 10:22am
Here is a thread about them: