View Full Interactive Version Of This Page : Foster Fire Smooth & Tuff - Newbie Proof!

2007-06-09, 7:19pm
Hi guys - after all the positive reviews about this release I was on the hunt for some when Robin at Foster Fire did a swap with me, and wow does it live up to its rep!

I'm a fewbie (fairly newbie) and so I'm always tugging hard, squishing, knocking the mandrel, etc., and I was so tired of having the beads break loose and spin, or the release flake into them, but with the S&T it stays put, doesn't flake, and then just comes off after annealing.

I couldn't believe it. Straight out of the kiln, I was able to just twist the beads off -- except for the really mangled ones, those I had to use pliers to hold the mandrel, but it was still tons better than the sludge, and I didn't have to soak any (although I did have to get some of the stubborn ones wet). The BOM I'm gonna save for people who really annoy me.

Thanks for all the great tips - I learn so much from these forums. Lisa

Carols Glass
2007-06-09, 7:34pm
Thanks for letting us know.