View Full Interactive Version Of This Page : Frantz is down, again! Is it me or can you get in?

Peach Blossom Beads
2007-06-28, 5:44am
Almost every time I try to get to their site lately, it's down. Argh! Maybe someone doesn't want me to buy glass??

Can anyone else get in? I'm getting the "timed out" message. Thanks.

2007-06-28, 5:55am
I'm not getting in either- they've been pretty good with popping in with a timeline though on when they will be back

2007-06-28, 6:21am
It could possibly be, from the time stamp on ya'lls messages that they (or their ISP) are doing server maintenance.

Have you tried to send an email or PM through the forum?

I am on a T1 connection and the site still doesn't come up. It's 6:20 am their time right now.