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2007-07-12, 4:22pm
I just want to send out some kudos to Catt, and share my first experience with Cattwalk. Not only was Catt very friendly and helpful but she responded to my emails very quickly. I had some questions before I made my purchase and was surprised how fast she responded to me. She provided me with all the information I needed and more.
Catt ROCKS!!!
Thank you so much I look forward to getting and using my base and press!

2007-07-12, 4:28pm
I agree Catt is sooo nice and helpful! :wink:

2007-07-12, 5:04pm
I just emailed her today about her fantastic delivery. I got my press in two days! She gave me a great suggestion for how to use it and I cannot wait to play with it.

She's great! I am a very happy customer!

2007-07-13, 11:35am
My DH is very tough critic but he ordered some items from Cattwalk for me for Christmas and he raved about their customer service for the next couple of weeks. He was incredibly impressed!

2007-07-14, 4:54pm
Catt is without a doubt, the SWEETEST!!!

2007-07-14, 5:22pm
Catt Rocks!!! I agree...Catt and Fred bend over backwards to make their customers happy!!

and they are sweet too!! :)

2007-07-14, 5:24pm
I agreed with their great costumer service. I sent like 10 emails before placed an order with them asking a lot of questions and she answered them all :D and very quick reply as well.

My presses came very quick as well, with cute wrapping and my daughter so happy with the lollies lol

2007-07-14, 7:30pm
Catt and Fred are amazing supporters of our community, and also wonderful vendors. They are always willing to mentor new beadmakers and they are also very creative in responding to suggestions for new tools or new uses for tools. I love them. Jeri

2007-07-14, 7:33pm
I press was here in 2 days. I love Catt and Fred !!

2007-07-14, 9:08pm
I'm glad I got the heads up about this thread :smile:.

Thanks everyone for the kudos!!! I do try and get orders out to you as quickly as possible. I know how it is when you order today and want it delivered yesterday 8-[ .

Thanks again for all your kind words :biggrin:.

2007-07-14, 10:31pm
Hi Catt,

I'm saving more money for more presses... hehe

2007-07-15, 10:27am
I would have have to agree that Catt is wonderful with her customer service!

I actually got a press where the sides didn't match up (unusual error - never happened EVER before) and it was not a problem at all. She contacted me personally and I thought that was wonderful! The problem was also fixed in lightening speed \\:D/ ! Now I have a press that matches up just fine!

Thank you so much :-D .

2007-07-16, 4:34pm
I received my order today, drooling all over it! I can't wait to try them out. Thanks again Catt and Fred you guys rock!

2007-07-25, 2:45am
\\:D/ Wow! I only order my presses a week ago, and already I've played with them. They are wonderful, my very first presses. I am so impressed with Catt's wonderful service. I'm in Australia and can't believe they're here so quickly. Now back to play. Thankyou lots, lots and lots.:love: